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Multi-scenario Planning: not just in emergencies

Jubilee! Opportunity is knocking

Elephant Man

Opportunities/Challenges: Calculating the Value

An executive leader development scaffolding

Traumatic Interference

homogeneity, schomogeneity

Process AND Product

"Walking beside my dying wife" is released

Understand your future value...

Lead from where you ARE

Price Fixing

You Can Care!

Act first or think first? Which is you? Which is your organization?

Misunderstood = Opportunity

Jack Bogle - a long-sighted examplar


Frame, then shhhh.

Do you have 5 years of patience?

Process vs Product revisited

A simpler path to innovation

Culture Eats Strategy

Business and the NFL

Management/Leadership Distinction



A new and better builder generation?

One-page planning

The Steward Leader and the Challenge of Nontraditional Funding

The Steward Leader Needs Deep Community

More on millennials in the workplace

Millennials and Manufacturing: a Convene conversation.

Peer-based advising. Should you take a pass?

Managing Polarities: the basics

CLA - celebrating 40 years

A mission project form letter (I am happy to offer this service)

Leaders drive organizational culture: reflections above the Mediterranean

Legacy trumps history

Respite and Renewed Focus

Notes on a Resource: The Objective Leader

Opening up the organizational can: Organizational design should continue to evolve

A leader's lament

Thank you Sepp Blatter - putting succession front and center

Loving leaders into their steward vocation

Inbound marketing as servant, not master

Decision Making Speed of the Executive Leader

An excerpt from "The Selfless Leader:" Leading for Others

An excerpt from "The Selfless Leader:" A tool for selfless leadership

An excerpt from "The Selfless Leader:" Courage to Live and Lead Selflessly

An excerpt from "The Selfless Leader:" Self-Aware

The Selfless Leader: excerpts from Scott Rodin

Dan Busby's thoughts on The Selfless Leader

Notes on a Resource: The Tao of Twitter

An excerpt from the e-book "The Selfless Leader"

Organizational Leadership and Reflective Conversation

An organizational leader's sphere of influence: further up and further back

Further thoughts on The Golden Rule and Franchising

"The Selfless Leader" is released this week.

An ode to money

The Golden Rule and Franchising

Notes on a Resource: HP Envy X2

But franchising seemed so simple!

Getting to third with the triple bottom line

Notes on a Resource: Necessary Endings

Organizational Leaders: Living a wide-awake life

A new stewardship direction: towards out of the box thinking

Notes on a Resource: To Wit

A new leadership mentoring program gets underway

Leadership Fable: wise owl meets young buck

What's your philosophy on fundraising?

Fear, inattention and overwhelming complexity: 3 common executive leader dynamics.

Discernment, decision rules and fragmentation: frustration for organizational leaders

Notes on a Resource: The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

There is nothing like a sales presentation to deepen my commitment to process consulting

Resources for boards and decision-making

Is the traditional concept of “career” still useful? If not, then what?

Notes on a Resource: Logitech Multi-Device Keyboard

What is a platform? Yes, organizational development professionals need one!

What are the factors in personal design?

Personal vs. Corporate Mission: getting the linkage in sync

“Work”, “True Calling”, “Vocation” and “Personal Design”…?

Notes on a Resource: The Enneagram-A Christian Perspective

5 Questions With ....David Van Winkle of Ministry Financing Group

Turning job frustration into vocational clarity.

Rut or Groove? A simple image for organizational and leadership development

The first 90 Days ain't just when you start, they are whenever you change.

International enterprise: Do you know your fundamentalisms?

Notes on a Resource: Blink-the power of thinking without thinking

Unfortunately Fortunate: Does organizational leadership connect to human flourishing?

Lorie Vincent speaks on "fighting disease not death"

Notes on a Resource: Promote Yourself-The New Rules for Career Success

Successful Succession: continuous organizational leadership

Decluttering the company: Design Group International

Arianna Huffington learned to "Thrive." Can CEOs learn this lesson sooner?

Giving the Design Group International CEO talk

Notes on a Resource: Personality Testing in the Hiring Process

CEO conversations: connecting money with time.

CEO time & task management: writing the don't do list

Notes on a Resource: EveryThink

Celebrating a lady: 30 years with Lorie Vincent

Principles for reasoned conversation. Can such an organizational leader be found?

A 4th of July blessing for organizational leaders

The Art of Agreement: Making Long-Term Decisions

Notes on a Resource: Voice on the Go

CEO peer-based advising. The value.

Organizational Leaders Who Give Life

Organizational Leaders: A Need to Embrace Imprecision

Organizational Leaders: Responses to employee grief, stress and burnout

The agony and ecstasy of the short mission statement

Notes on a Resource: Eleven Rings-the soul of success

When the Executive Leader comes into their own

Simple Living CEO Style

Notes on a Resource: CloudMagic

Notes on a Resource: The Good Listener

CEO peer-based advising -- engaging the curiosity drive

Transparency: A Hard Word for Organizational Leaders

Notes on a Resource: CEO Logic - How to Think and Act Like a Chief Executive

You need to be interested. Your organization deserves an engaged leader!

Choosing and using your leadership theory

Notes on a Resource: Hilton Grand Vacations

Can an an executive leader love an organization?

3 great ladies in my life: an organizational leader's reflection

Notes on a Resource: Bits & Pieces

5 Questions With . . . John Di Frances

The Process Consultant's Creed

Notes on a Resource: Tales from the Top

Speaking Fundamentals for Organizational Leaders

The Audacity of Steward Leadership

Notes on a Resource: Invisibilify

The value proposition of executive peer-based advising.

Building leadership capacity for excellence. It doesn't happen by osmosis!

Notes on a Resource: Reclaiming the Ethical High Ground

Insights from CEO peer-based advising

Public Communication Regarding Money: The Steward Leader

Notes on a Resource: The HubSpot Blog

Conventional versus Collaborative Selling

An endorsement for executive peer-based advising

Notes on a Resource: Flawless Consulting

A snake in the house -- an organizational leader becomes more antifragile

10 Leadership Development Initiatives That Work

Notes on a Resource: Marketplace Chaplains

3 Critical Components of Leadership Development

4 Levels of Transitional Leadership

Notes on a Resource: Jawbone UP

5 Questions with . . . Sandra Quick

Organizational Leaders and Overcoming

Notes on a Resource: Faith in the Face of Empire

Help other leaders lead meetings more effectively. Please!

Purposeful Organizational Communication: no more signup sheets!

Notes on a Resource: The Economist

Personal Leadership: Getting rid of the consumerism paradigm

A piece of leadership poetry: leadership starts with self

Notes on a Resource: NIV Thinline Bible (with zipper)

Organizational Leaders who ask for A-men! and Oh My!

Aurora Rogers on being lost without a compass or a map

Notes on a Resource: Apple@Work

Organizational Leaders should choke down at least one epic

Organizational Development Consulting: Keeping the Pipeline Full

Notes on a resource: Generous Matters

Farewelling - saying goodbye properly as an interim leader

Baseline Questions: helping you with organizational development and steward leadership

Organizational Development: Notes on a resource

Organizational Communication: Modulating the Message

The entrepreneurial moment: The patience of a steward leader

Process Consulting: Getting out of the way

Passion and the organizational development consultant

Embracing leadership paradox and managing leadership tension

Process Consulting: how to know if you are a good fit

Design + Strategy = Image. An Aurora Rogers primer

Time Orientation - A Steward Leader Reflection

Steward Leaders: guiding people past 8 cultural lies

Gumball Financial Management (part 2)

5 questions with . . . .Jim Galvin

5 Questions With...Laurie Ferguson

Why we are stepping deeply into peer-based consulting teams

Strategic Interim Ministry: Adding Experienced Personnel

Organizational Development: Too religious? Too secular?

The Muse: Introducing you to Bloomerang and how we work with products

Confidentiality Agreements: Congregational Boards as One Example

A Marketplace Reflection for Organizational Leaders

Organizational Development: Living on Top of the Hill

Capital campaign communication: 2 awesome examples

Gum Ball Financial Management (Part 1)

Church Federation: governance considerations

A winter time organizational development fable

Event Participation as Steward Leaders: a Long Term View

Organizational Leaders: Forcing and/or Delaying

Organizational wisdom: Spelling wisdom with 4 I-s

Our Commitment to Objectives Pricing in Organizational Development

The Muse: 4 Secrets of Productive People

Generosity Education: 3 measurements of effectiveness

Content AND Context, but which is first?

An organizational development five course meal

Do you have what it takes for process consulting? Two key questions

Mean Mr. Machiavelli: A Thanksgiving Muse for Organizational Leaders

Leadership theory and practice starts with the definition.

Farewell to an example of leadership

A board member's cost: economics for organizational leaders

Death, taxes and family. An election eve leadership reflection

Don't show your underwear! 6 mistakes organizational leaders make

The buyer personas of this organizational development firm

Imagination and organizational development

The crucible of organizational leadership

Design Group International launches Sustainable Vision

8 Precious Terms in Organizational Development

Introducing: wheel forward or spiral downward

Organizational development and the love/hate relationship with brands

Getting information right! A skill steward leaders need.

A steward leader is more than a servant leader

The Muse: Aretephobia Apathy Syndrome, a disease of the young

8 lessons learned from leiomyosarcoma: a spouse's list

Process consultation visits Louis L'amour

9 Conveyances of the Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL)

Confusion #4 infecting executives of nonprofit organizations

Confusion #3 infecting executives of nonprofit organizations

Confusion #2 infecting executives of nonprofit organizations

Confusion #1 infecting executives of nonprofit organizations

Nonprofit financial management: 4 confusions infecting executives

The release of Teaching a Christian view of money

Process Consulting: what we mean

The Penn State Aftermath: Review nonprofit organization's practices

Here fishy, fishy! The prophet Jonah as organizational leader

Organizational development consulting: we might turn you down.

A New Kind of Tribe: The Steward Leader

Loop de Loop de Loop: leading toward organizational wisdom

Yes, our organizational development firm got fired.

Stewardship Based Leadership

Goofy fundraising strikes again!

"IT" begins with design

Long-lasting organizational consultants

Associational systems angst

Fighting Disease Not Death: 3 FAQ's

Lifelong learning: part of the steward leader's job description

Hope: a steward leader's great asset

The Steward Leader embraces transformation

Transformation and the Steward Leader

Investing in the New Normal: economic reflections from Matthew Thomas

Process Design, not Product Placement

Small (business) is beautiful

The Steward Leader Does Not Know Everything

Honey! We've discovered organizational clarity!

Small businesses for everything you can imagine

Outsourcing: the complete Outcomes interview with Mark L. Vincent

Post-denominationalism: part deux

Musings: Is it the death of denominations?

Musings: Celebrating generational differences

Long term leadership development: growing with other trees

M&A: organizational development done this way

Musings: Keep moving or die

"It" is the value proposition of our consulting firm

The ecumenical network of capital campaign consultants

A consulting firm objects to the RFP

Blurring the lines of organizational communication

Musings: Fasting From Demagogues

Organizational Leadership: intricately dancing up the untraveled route

Outliers and medical justice: a response to Mr. Henninger

Musings: I blew a call once

Five strategic questions of non-profit organizational leadership

Musings: Inconspicuous Leadership

Process Design vs. Product Development

Musings: leadership in the fourth generation

Musings: fundraising or raising funds?

A small rant in favor of small business

The limits of organizational leadership

Excellent organizational consulting

A fine, close shave: musings on personal productivity

Musings: A wee world view

Organizational development: leading a non-profit isn't what it used to be

Musings: The problems of self-interested leaders

Musings: Horribly unthinking and public statements

Musings: A little history changes everything

The organizational consulting marketplace

Perception Distortion: depth perception for leaders

Professors and Policemen—organizational leadership in the moment

Musings: Help! I'm being repressed!

Musings: More nonaggressive than I used to be

Musings: Gotcha Journalism

Vaccinated: organizational leadership that benefits society

Judgment Calls: dealing with organizational leadership scenarios

A lesson in organizational leadership from visiting McDonald's


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