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Episode 38: I Don’t Run the Business Anymore!

Narrower and Deeper: Finding your next focus after success

The Precocious Employee - Further Reflections

Episode 37: 360 Wisdom for Leadership Inflection Points

The Precocious Employee

The workspace....

Episode 36: Building Future Value with the Long-Term in Mind

That feedforward feedback loop

9 take aways for strategic interim time

Episode 35: Adaptive Capacity, Sabotage, and Resilience

Aiming at the Maestro-level leader target

You are all white!

Episode 34: A Life of Enduring Awe & Wonder

Help! I have an enemy!

Growing Maestro-level Leaders

Episode 33: Driving Down the Revenue Road

My Content Pledge

Looking back and seeing what's ahead

Episode 32: Bespoke Leader Development_WiLD Leaders

The 3 Levels of Relationship

Framing your reference

Episode 31: SMEs As a Litmus Test for Leadership

Reversing the collapse of community fabric

Do we really want to associate together?

Episode 30: Maintaining Focus Amid Big Change

Opening remarks at the FUEL conference

Deepened appreciation for common sense

Episode 29: Managing Polarities

Theranos and first principles

Brave and safe places for women executives

Episode 28: Our first year!


The days are numbered....

Episode 27: Maestro-level Leaders as Steward Leaders

Dead and doesn’t know it

Disintegration of Gender

Episode 26: Leaving but Not Leaving

A Need to be needed

Contentment: the fruit of renewal.

Episode 25: The Board and the Third Turn Leader

One year later....

Becoming a discernmentarian: a little more humility please

Episode 24: Foresight and Future Value

GREEN energy

Want, Feel, Think

Episode 23: A Maestro-level Journey

Shifting a Founder's Life Force

More ecosystem, less machine

Episode 22: 4 x 400

Future Value is the Job

Chuck Moyer: Future Value and the Middle Line

Episode 21: Work & Meaning

Boogie down!

Farther Along

Episode 20: Leading as a Woman Into and Through 3 Turns

Getting familiar with Maestro-level leaders

Fire, Wind and Time

Episode 19: My Third Turn Journey

Integrating more of the body

Informal -- Formal

Episode 18: The Brain, Courage, & Calling

Is General Motors an example of building for Future Value?

Returning to Roots

Episode 17: Career Long Executive Leadership Development

Jeff Immelt's New Book: It's Personal!

Generation Upon Generation

The Strength of a Leader’s Voice

Your Executive Team is a Community of Practice

Episode 16 Preview: Jay Bennett

Missing the Handoff

Episode 15 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

The Third Turn Leader and Charitable Giving: Conversation with Kate Frillmann

The Grateful Penitent

Episode 14 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

Keep learning! Third Turn Leaders and New Donors: a conversation with Chris Barlow

Damage in the Wake of Ego

Episode 13 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

A Maestro Example

Federal-level Crazy

Episode 12 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

The Strength of My Voice

Time, Money, and Associational Systems

Episode 11 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

Time is money. Money is time.

A Bit About Logos

Episode 10 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

What do we have here?

Woulda Shoulda Coulda

Episode 9 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

Saying Farewell to Convene

Guardrails for Maestro-level leader Conversations

Episodes 7 & 8 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

The Bildung Rose

1% of leaders

Episode 6 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

Thinking Quickly and Thoroughly

Next Turn -- Wrong Person

Episode 5 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

A Leadership Theory of Everything

Maestro-level leaders FAQ

Episode 4 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

Current and Future Value

Navigating the spaces between those three turns

Episode 3 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

Living fully into your turn

Maestro-level Leaders is Launched

Episode 2 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

Flamingo-like boards

The Third Turn of the Executive Leader

Episode 1 -- Third Turn Podcast Recap

The Second Turn of the Executive Leader

The First Turn of the Executive Leader

Bridging the chasm between faith and responsibility

Maestro-level Leaders: the Third Turn

Disciplining the Reactions of Self: Baseline Questions

Gig workers in this old and brave new world

How do you time travel?

Antifragile and the 29ers

On the uses of difficulty

Scene-ario planning: Hearing from some experts

Pandemic time and new business habits.

Data damaged: with apologies to the Apostle Paul

It's normal for the house to be falling down

Zoom or trauma?

Muscles old and new

Multi-scenario Planning: not just in emergencies

Jubilee! Opportunity is knocking

Elephant Man

Opportunities/Challenges: Calculating the Value

An executive leader development scaffolding

Traumatic Interference

homogeneity, schomogeneity

Process AND Product

"Walking beside my dying wife" is released

Understand your future value...

Lead from where you ARE

Price Fixing

You Can Care!

Act first or think first? Which is you? Which is your organization?

Misunderstood = Opportunity

Jack Bogle - a long-sighted examplar


Frame, then shhhh.

Do you have 5 years of patience?

Process vs Product revisited

A simpler path to innovation

Culture Eats Strategy

Business and the NFL

Management/Leadership Distinction



A new and better builder generation?

One-page planning

The Steward Leader and the Challenge of Nontraditional Funding

The Steward Leader Needs Deep Community

More on millennials in the workplace

Millennials and Manufacturing: a Convene conversation.

Peer-based advising. Should you take a pass?

Managing Polarities: the basics

CLA - celebrating 40 years

A mission project form letter (I am happy to offer this service)

Leaders drive organizational culture: reflections above the Mediterranean

Legacy trumps history

Respite and Renewed Focus

Notes on a Resource: The Objective Leader

Opening up the organizational can: Organizational design should continue to evolve

A leader's lament

Thank you Sepp Blatter - putting succession front and center

Loving leaders into their steward vocation

Inbound marketing as servant, not master

Decision Making Speed of the Executive Leader

An excerpt from "The Selfless Leader:" Leading for Others

An excerpt from "The Selfless Leader:" A tool for selfless leadership

An excerpt from "The Selfless Leader:" Courage to Live and Lead Selflessly

An excerpt from "The Selfless Leader:" Self-Aware

The Selfless Leader: excerpts from Scott Rodin

Dan Busby's thoughts on The Selfless Leader

Notes on a Resource: The Tao of Twitter

An excerpt from the e-book "The Selfless Leader"

Organizational Leadership and Reflective Conversation

An organizational leader's sphere of influence: further up and further back

Further thoughts on The Golden Rule and Franchising

"The Selfless Leader" is released this week.

An ode to money

The Golden Rule and Franchising

Notes on a Resource: HP Envy X2

But franchising seemed so simple!

Getting to third with the triple bottom line

Notes on a Resource: Necessary Endings

Organizational Leaders: Living a wide-awake life

A new stewardship direction: towards out of the box thinking

Notes on a Resource: To Wit

A new leadership mentoring program gets underway

Leadership Fable: wise owl meets young buck

What's your philosophy on fundraising?

Fear, inattention and overwhelming complexity: 3 common executive leader dynamics.

Discernment, decision rules and fragmentation: frustration for organizational leaders

Notes on a Resource: The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

There is nothing like a sales presentation to deepen my commitment to process consulting

Resources for boards and decision-making

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