Design Group International
It begins with design

About Design Group International

Design Group International helps organizations and their leaders transform for a vibrant future.

Founded in 2001, Design Group International gathers top professionals to assist the development of client organizations and their leaders. Design Group International consultants offer multi-disciplinary expertise with a commitment to process consulting.

All of us believe It --whatever the "it" is--begins with design.

Design Group International is home to experienced organizational leaders who practice the craft of process consulting.

  • For our clients, Design Group International is a proven source of wisdom, competence, learning, and results.
  • For our consultants, Design Group International is a Community of Practice where they can learn, deepen, and broaden their competencies.
  • For all, Design Group International provides an expanding network of expertise to depend on, whether someone participates as a consultant or utilizes its capabilities as an organizational leader.

Our Values

Alignment: we develop Consulting Agreements that are in concert with our described cause for being.

Integrity: we build and maintain our character.

Commendability: we consider a project complete when a client offers their thanks and recommends our service to other organizations.

Service: we work with clients until our agreed upon objectives are met.

Excellence: we price our work so that our clients can be served with full attention.

Respect: we are learners and participants beside our clients, vendors, colleagues, and even our competition.