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Who We Are

Design Group International is a group of consultants who have chosen to be part of a community that is committed to the craft of Process Consulting. Process Consulting is our shared approach to helping Clients transform.

Being part of a community means we learn and grow together. Consultants in our community of practice hold content expertise in a wide variety of fields. Each is an expert in their own right with a unique set of skills and experiences. We support and challenge one another, share best practices, and collaborate to advance the goals of our clients. Our community of practice provides our consultants with the flexibility to do their very best work.


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How It Began

Dr. Mark L. Vincent Headshot (300x300)Design Group International was founded in 2000 by Dr. Mark L. Vincent & Lorie Vincent.

Today, Design Group International has extensive experience with large, small, and mid-sized for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Their Clients include family owned-businesses, large multi-national corporations, governmental, and non-governmental entities, publicly traded companies, partnerships, universities and colleges, denominations and associational bodies, Montessori and Christian schools, private and community foundations, national, regional, and city governing bodies, human service, and arts organizations.

In 2019, Dr. Vincent transitioned from CEO to Founder of Design Group International. In this new role, he aims to further grow and elevate the field of process consulting. He plans to share this knowledge and experience to help prepare other consultants for the field through the Society of Process Consulting. The Society offers education, credentialing and a framework of professional ethics for Process Consultants.


New LonWith Dr. Vincent’s transition to the role of Founder, Lon L. Swartzentruber was selected to serve as CEO of Design Group International. Design Group International's growth has flourished with the addition of expert consultants with intentional areas of specialty to support our Clients.

Our resource library has increased with each knowledgeable consultant who has come alongside us allowing for cohorts, blogs, podcasts, and events to support our Clients in unique ways.

We are continuously looking for new consultants to join the community and expand internationally. 

We'll walk with you. 

Design Group International consultants walk with you along your path to transformation. You are the expert of your organization and we value your experience. We walk alongside you—never out in front of you or behind you. We are in this together. We’re companions on your journey and we’re committed to seeing you achieve results and find resolve.    

Hear From Our Clients

"David provides both creative and visionary leadership, while simultaneously understanding the unique value of each person. He is a focused listener, an effective team leader, and a skilled consensus builder. His presentations are rich with story and well-supported by multimedia technology. He is dependable — if he says he is going to do it, he will — and it will be done exceeding your expectations."

"I have worked with Ron Mahurin for over 25 years in various capacities. His expertise in leadership development, strategic planning, and navigating the challenges of Higher Education have helped me as a leader and strengthened my institutions. Ron excels at bringing together various constituents to solve complex problems, strengthen existing programs, and plan dynamic futures. He is a well-respected consultant and leader with proven results working with hundreds of institutions, large and small, public and private."
Deanna is a strategic and thoughtful process facilitator. Her ability to think through problems and develop comprehensive, inclusive solutions in a collaborative manner is uncanny. I have been incredibly grateful to work with her on various projects in our community as she brings forth a perspective that is capable of viewing problems and solutions from multiple angles from a trauma-informed and equity-based lens.
“I am so grateful my board of directors has supported my involvement in the Maestro level cohort! Each dimension of the cohort rhythm (monthly virtual meetings with the cohort, quarterly face to face gatherings, and the monthly meeting with Mark Vincent) has helped me stay focused on the important work of preparing for an effective handoff to my successor for the good of our mission and the glory of God. Mark’s counsel has been consistently useful and pertinent, and the sharing among CEOs walking similar paths has been both encouraging and enlightening.”
The support that Lukie has provided to all of us is not only based on the knowledge of our work that she amassed in her five years, but it is also on the interpersonal experiences with people and sometimes difficult circumstances. Lukie can handle delicate matters professionally. She has dealt with people in influential and powerful roles who have been upset about a report. She has support school heads who are struggling with circumstances in their schools. She brings to these situations her own experiences and a temperament that is service oriented. I should also mention that Lukie brings a background with foundations and non-profits that have been outside of her work at PAIS.
Bishop Kenneth Schnell Kina Mallard Courtney Myers-Keaton Larry Jones Gary Niels
Bishop Kenneth Schnell, Risk Management Services, Community of Christ World Headquarters
Kina Mallard, Ph.D., President, Reinhardt University, Waleska, Georgia
Courtney Myers-Keaton, Program Manager, Kent County Continuum of Care
Larry B. Jones, CEO at Seed Company
Gary Niels, Executive Director, Penn Assoc of Ind Schools