Design Group International
It begins with design

About Design Group International

Design Group International helps organizations and their leaders transform for a vibrant future. Founded in 2001, Design Group International gathers top professionals to assist the development of client organizations and their leaders.

Design Group International Consultants offer multi-disciplinary expertise with a commitment to process consulting, and a deep network of colleagues and resources across the company’s brand. All of us believe It --whatever the "it" is--begins with design.

Our Values

Listening. Helping. Learning. 

Design Group International has a set of core values that we can articulate, own, and use.

Using them, of course, means not just that we use them to guide our decision making, but that we deliver on them as we engage with clients.

Our values are also our promise.

We suggest that our values are actually how we do what we do, they are our mechanism for delivery of service to our clients. The combination of our values and our promise is a powerful testimony to mission – helping leaders and their organizations transform for a vibrant future.

  • Listening: We listen to our clients. Listening is our posture.
  • Helping: We help alongside our clients. Helping is our service.
  • Learning: We learn with our clients. Learning is our partnership. 

Underneath these three values must be the motive of love (caring for the client and their mission), far more than a mere mercenary utility (caring for paychecks).  We love our clients into where and what they are not yet.

Love infuses the process with clients and the way we use and deliver upon these values.