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Leading as a Woman Into and Through 3 Turns
Episode #20 of the Third Turn Podcast with guest Dawn Yoder-Graber.

Like Kenny Cox in Episode #19, Dawn Yoder Graber is another great example of how our Third Turn giftedness and calling is oftentimes birthed from our life challenges and crucibles. She’s had a keen eye attuned to women leaders (or the lack thereof!) starting as a young girl, that’s now blossomed into a mission and passion to use her own transforming influence for the benefit of others--equipping and advocating for women in context of today’s leadership roles and realities.

Dawn has timely perspective to share as we all navigate what is widely being called a She-cession:

  • By last September, more than 2 million women had left the workforce--including 42% Black and Latina women--at a rate 4x that of men. (Nat’l Women’s Law Center)
  • Women who work full time and have a partner and children are typically spending 20 more hours a week on housework and caregiving then men in the same situation. Women of color and single mothers are doing even more. (Nat’l Women’s Law Center)
  • Women’s employment is not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels until 2024--two years later than that of men. (McKinsey and Oxford Economics)

Dawn’s own Turn 1 and Turn 2 journey and astute observations of the leadership culture around her embedded her with rich insights to share around cultural dynamics like gendered leader prototypes, the impact of gender bias, and ways women can navigate blocks and recapture a sense of their innate gifts. And Dawn has practical strategies for ways men and women can collaborate in creating more equitable networks in which women’s contributions can more readily be recognized, valued and elevated, and where gifted leaders with a range of leadership styles can thrive.

Now in her own Third Turn, Dawn has a deep appreciation for the women who inspired her leadership, while also realizing how few professional women were available from whom to learn. And it’s this, in large part, that fuels her deep desire for legacy influence with generations--both younger women, grandchildren, and beyond--that follow in her footsteps.

Here are some resources Dawn offers and recommends for continued insights and actions:

Kristin Evenson
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Kristin Evenson
Post by Kristin Evenson
May 11, 2021
Kristin serves as a Consultant and Coach to leaders, teams, and boards by helping them leverage their unique brand of significance in context of: - Strategic junctures--Helping leaders and teams identify what can’t change and what must; - Leadership & life challenges—Helping leaders support, sustain and strengthen their soul in leadership; - Career change & transition—Helping them think creatively and courageously about what’s next. Kristin spent 20 years with Fallon Worldwide, leading brand and communications strategy development for clients across a variety of industries—including Nordstrom, Holiday Inn Express, and Children’s Defense Fund. Her career journey since has included stints as marketing/strategy director and consultant to companies, nonprofits and ministries in the areas of strategy, culture, communications and board governance. Her teams’ work won multiple national effectiveness awards, and her consulting work resulted in a “Best Practice in People/Workplace” by Upsize Magazine. Having completed NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain-Based Coaching Program, Kristin incorporates brain-based principles into change initiatives for organizations, teams, and individuals. She and her husband Jeff Rosell have four awesome adult sons and host an international daughter, originally from South Sudan.