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The Mindset of Leaders You Are Developing
Episode #70 of the Third Turn Podcast with Christopher Salem

Our episode begins with Kristin Evenson and I being vulnerable about our mindsets–what we are finding bubbling up within us that creates limitations. It set the stage for a high-energy conversation with speaker and influencer, Christopher Salem, and his insights about setting a healthy mindset, and how senior leaders can bring better guidance for the leaders they are developing.

Christopher Salem touches on the five things we can control.

  1. Our communication–making sure what we are saying or what we are listening to is clear
  2. Our behavior–alignment of our words and actions
  3. Our ability to perceive–discerning the good even amid the difficult
  4. How we respond to our emotions–learning to pause before responding
  5. Our actions–focused and repeated activities that build in the direction we prefer to go

These five combine to form habits that increase confidence and a creative mindset–the habits and mindset we need to build and reinforce within the leaders we are developing.

Developing other leaders who rise behind us is a key aspect of the Maestro-level leader journey. Even more, our failure to develop our peak performance as a Second Turn Leader (where we are responsible for people and an organization) gets in the way of recognizing how important it is to develop others as we move into the Third Turn.

Out of this episode, we have two recommendations:

  1. Consider the benefits of joining a Maestro-level leader's cohort. We'd love to talk to you!
  2. Use this conversation with Christopher Salem in a more intentional way with colleagues and direct reports–a conversation starter for your one to ones or for a senior team development conversation.

If you've listened to the podcast, you heard Christopher Salem talk about some of the limitations of his mindset he had to get past. Kristin and I shared as well. What is limiting you at this point in your career? What mindset limitations are showing up in the senior team? What might you do together to grow everyone's inner champion?


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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
April 25, 2023
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