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Episode #55 of the Third Turn Podcast with Jodi Hubler

In our double-nickels episode, we are privileged to extend our conversation with Jodi Hubler, recently named as an "Outstanding Director in 2022." We first interviewed Jodi in Episode 37 and discussed leadership inflection points. Here we continue our look at board governance -- this almost elusive dimension of organizational maturity and performance that Maestro-level leaders need to embrace.

Listen to this one and get clearer on the difference between means and ends. Does that sound boring? Not with Jodi Hubler's energy when she points out the difference the distinction makes!

Jodi points out that board service is the ultimate opportunity to get mission-related impact through the work of others (leading). But one can't do this well if they think it means they become a super boss, get to rule over the operations, or think of it as a trophy through which someone meets their aspirational goals.

The why of an accomplished leader choosing board service matters! This is the hard part. Learning governance techniques as different than leading an enterprise is one thing. Understanding your why so you can match up with the why of an organization inviting you to help govern is a work of discernment. The senior leader should interview the board just as much as the board is interviewing them.

May we suggest having a journal nearby to capture your thoughts as you listen?

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September 13, 2022
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