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The Successor's Journey.
Episode #10 of the Third Turn Podcast - interviews with Lon Swartzentruber, CEO of Design Group International, and Carmen Fowler LaBerge, Host of Reconnect with Carmen
Following after a long-tenured founder or an accomplished or much-loved CEO is not easily done. As noted in a blog post released last week on the subject, so much value gets lost, and so many people get harmed in these transitions.
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As a Christmas present to our listeners, and to Second and Third Turn Leaders everywhere, we offer this twin set of interviews with CEOs who followed strong predecessors. What worked? What didn't? What would they have done differently?
Continuing in the Christmas spirit, Carmen Fowler LaBerge will send any listener a copy of her book.  You can request your copy here. The radio broadcast, Reconnect with Carmen, can be listened to on many radio networks. Learn more at  https://reconnectwithcarmen.com/.
 Lon Swartzentruber recommends the following resources for Founders and Successors:

With each episode of the Third Turn Podcast we host a conversation among leaders who want the world to flourish for generations beyond their lifetimes. 
Listening with others in some way and enjoying in-depth conversations of your own as you reflect and choose what you would do the same or differently is a plus!
We always welcome you sharing these podcasts with others as well as sending along any suggestions for making these podcasts better.
The Third Turn Podcast is part of the Maestro-level leaders initiative, a production of  Design Group International. Strategically Connected's Jennifer Miller is the producer. 
Maestro-level leaders provides tools of a fruitful journey for Executive Leaders in the Third Turn, along with travel companions. This blog, the Third Turn podcast, and a Maestro-level leaders cohort aid the ongoing resource and raise the vision for other leaders to aspire to a Third Turn. 
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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
December 22, 2020
I walk alongside leaders, listening to understand their challenges, and helping them lead healthy organizations that flourish.