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Getting Your Empathy On
Episode #68 of the Third Turn Podcast with Mark Baker

Learning to lead oneself (what we call the First Turn) is never done. We keep crafting this throughout our lives. Without it, we cannot lead others (the Second Turn). Growing one's ability to have and express empathy is at the heart of this journey.

Without a doubt, Emotional Intelligence has become a thing — enough of a thing that many people and entities are jumping in to offer resources. For instance, Harvard Business Review keeps publishing a steady stream of articles on the importance of empathy among CEOs and within an organizational culture. 

We are starting to address what some observers believe to be an enormous and growing need. A recent Wall Street Journal opinion headline reads: Covid worsened America's Rage Virus, for which there's no vaccine (11 March 2023, p. A13). Timely then, is episode 68's conversation about empathy with Mark Baker, Mygrow's Chief Psychologist, Founder, and CEO.

Insight 1: Our work life is where we spend most of our waking hours as adults. Letting that sink in, it starts to make sense that personal growth significantly affects one's work life.

Insight 2: Adults learn best through the hands-on and sustained practice of what they learn, or it does not last (see the related link in the additional resources below).

Adding these insights together, we can conclude that how one develops themselves and operates at work is essential. And the place to best learn it is at work, as integrated as possible so that it can be done together. Mygrow's methodology brings Emotional Intelligence development to enterprise platforms and for individual use.

Our conversation with Mark defines what he points out are emotional intelligences - emotional skills that make people great at:

  1. managing themselves
  2. interacting with others

Also included are insights into empathy and the "exercise at the gym" approach Mygrow provides.


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Mark L. Vincent
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March 28, 2023
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