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The Life You Go To
Episode #73 of the Third Turn Podcast with Kristin & Mark

A successful succession includes the exiting executive’s life to go to.  Mark L. Vincent interviews co-host Kristin Evenson about the life she’s developed following her journey through and beyond her third turn.

Transitions are subject of deep expertise for Kristin. She calls it an extrusion process, even for her as someone who has a long-standing fascination on the subject.

A reason to begin one’s leadership journey with the end in mind?

Kristin offers contrasting metaphors from her own experiences. This level of transition can be:

  1. Jumping off a cliff of everything one knows. Like a death.
  2. Jumping, but having the resources one needs to enjoy the ride without having to know the destination.

Succession can sneak up on a person.  Suddenly you are in the thick of having to figure out what life looks like beyond your current role. Doors you thought would remain open start to close; a vision you thought had a lot of life remaining wraps up early. The next step you want to take doesn’t materialize.  It’s important to already be in touch with your why so that you are much more grounded in who you are. Knowing these answers helps you figure out your life to go to does not have to be a traumatic experience. Knowing your why helps you to trust the mystery so the when, where, and how of your coming life beyond your current role can reveal itself in its own time.

The life you go to does not have to be a formula of how you get to continue on as the person you have been or doing what you used to do.  It can be a period of happy surprises, ongoing personal discovery, growing hidden or long-unused talent, and letting the fruit of your life grow on the trees of others.

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June 6, 2023
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