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Articles about The Third Turn

Lost in Transition: An interview with Steve Woodworth

Announcing a new cohort!

Maestro-level leaders: The Bard speaks!

Time for less burnout!

Making use of difficulty

Do you have 5 years of patience?

Build. Bust. Boom. Who gets the blame?

Who will credit me for investing in them?

AI Ugly

Episode 75: And a Turn of Our Own

June 2023 Third Turn Thoughts - An Important Announcement

Episode 74: Succession Models To Follow

Still learning? A Reflection On Succession

Episode 73: The Life You Go To

May 2023 Third Turn Thoughts - The Impact of Leadership’s Growth Mindset and Focus Through Transition

Episode 72: Developing Successors

Please, let's not offload our brains.

Episode 71: Best Practices, Board Transitions

Consider The Next 7 Generations

Episode 70: The Mindset of Leaders You Are Developing

April 2023 Third Turn Thoughts - Engaged & Intentional

Episode 69: Resources for Third Turn Leaders

Don’t Hit Your Son

Episode 68: Getting Your Empathy On

March 2023 Third Turn Thoughts - Life Beyond Our Own Leadership