Helping organizations and their leaders
transform for a vibrant future.

We do things differently.

We are a community of expert Process Consultants who walk alongside you and your organization
to help you understand where you are and where you want to go.

If we were to reveal our superpower it would be helping you gain clarity on your future and the steps needed to get there.

Our Place is Beside You.

As seasoned professionals, we share our experiences, expertise, current market realities, and what we’ve learned along the way. However, we are not selling a solution du jour. Your organization and your goals are unique and you deserve something more.

As Process Consultants, our role is to work with you to co-create customized solutions that move you closer to achieving your goals.

  • Visioning & Strategic Planning
  • Organizational Governance
  • Leadership Transition & Strategic Interim
  • Coaching & Advising
  • Philanthropy & Charitable Giving
  • Organizational Culture
  • Organizational Assessment & Evaluation

Our process for transformation.

Listening. Helping. Learning.


Listening is our posture.

We listen to understand the root of the challenge you are facing. We ask the right questions to gain clarity and uncover the path going forward.


Helping is our service.

We walk alongside you and your organization on the path towards your goals. We co-create solutions and coach you to achieve results.

Learning is our partnership.

We learn together. Through learning, you and your organization increase your capacity and are equipped to sustain the process for the future.

Hear From Our Clients

"USA Swimming hired Phil Bergey and Design Group International to facilitate a review of the mid-level structure and governance of our national organization. We found Phil, and his associate Mark Vincent, to be very responsive, perceptive, and insightful as well as extremely professional. They led our task force through a process that gathered data from key stakeholders, evaluated that information, considered different levels of potential change, and provided a set of recommendations to address current and future needs. I have the utmost respect for Phil and Mark and the Design Group International team."

"Dawn broke down barriers, engaged the group with activities, and helped our leaders feel a sense of safety to promote meaningful conversation. Dawn & the DGI team did a phenomenal job structuring a leadership training course balancing world-class theory and practical application. A worthwhile investment for the CF team!"

"Design Group International’s listening, helping, and learning approach didn’t tell us what to do; they didn’t drop a list of recommendations my desk. Lon helped us get to where we could come up with our own answers and make our own decisions. He facilitated us through that process.

Once the whole board agreed what the community really valued and wanted from Blandford Nature Center, only then could the board and leadership together work as a cohesive unit and craft a plan forward."

"Matt has been incredible to work with! Matt's process consulting engages organizations and teams in a way that is more holistic and comprehensive than traditional "product consulting" for strategic planning. He elicits feedback from the organization and its constituents, creating a truly comprehensive plan that serves as a living document, rather than collecting dust. I highly recommend Matt for your consulting needs!"
Pat Hogan Matthew Powell Jason Meyer, CEO, Blandford Nature Center Lauren Van Keulen
Pat Hogan, Club Development Managing Director, USA Swimming
Matthew Powell, Vice President of Century Fence Company - Pewaukee, WI.
Jason Meyer, CEO, Blandford Nature Center
Lauren VanKeulen, Chief Executive Officer, AYA Youth Collective

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We'll walk with you.

Design Group International consultants are guides along your path to transformation. You are the expert of your organization and we value your experience. We walk alongside you—never out in front of you or from behind you. We are in this together. We’re companions on your journey and we’re committed to seeing you achieve results and find resolve.