Design Group International

Helping organizations and their leaders transform for a vibrant future.

We do things differently.

We are a community of process consultants—but the work we do goes well beyond process improvement. As process consultants, we are experts at coming alongside you and your organization to help you understand where you are and where you want to go. If we had to reveal our superpower it would be helping you gain a clarity on your future and the steps needed to get there.

As seasoned professionals, we share our experiences, market trends, and what we’ve learned along the way. However, we are not selling a solution du jour. Your organization and your goals are unique and you deserve something more. As process consultants, our role is to work with you to co-create right-fit solutions that move you closer to achieving your goals.

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We work with leaders.

We work with leaders and act as guides on the path to organizational transformation. You can expect us to approach you and your organization with genuine curiosity. We ask deep questions and build a trusted partnership throughout the journey. Our work is guided by our core values of listening, helping, and learning.

Here's our process for transformation.


Listening is our posture. We listen to understand the root of the challenge you are facing. We ask the right questions to gain clarity and uncover the path going forward.


Helping is our service. We walk alongside you and your organization on the path towards your goals. We co-create solutions and coach you to achieve results.


Learning is our partnership. We learn together. You increase your organizational capacity and are equipped to sustain the process for the future.

Leaders can transform organizations.

We believe in the power of transformative leadership. Our work alongside leaders and our process approach builds capacity for organizations to experience the transformation that is needed to ensure a vibrant future.   


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Become a Maestro-level leader

Maestro-level leaders gathers highly developed executives who yearn to refine themselves to the highest level of leadership.

You’ve climbed the corporate and leadership mountain. Now what?
Do you just climb back down and disappear?
Do you try to hold on until you fail or fall?
Or, do you unpack your means to fly and start to soar?