Why participate in a
Community of Practice?

Community of Practice

The concept of a community of practice has existed for centuries.

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a passion for something they do and who seek ways to improve their practice by interacting regularly with each other.

A guild of artisans seeking to enhance their form is an example of a community of practice.

At Design Group International, we believe in the collective strength of collaboration. By working together, we share knowledge, offer mutual support, build professional capacity, learn and grow together, and have more fun.

Design Group International’s Community of Practice ultimately benefits our clients, too. We deliver effective process consulting through an ecosystem network of like-minded professionals.

Listening. We start by asking deep, insightful questions. These questions uncover the real purpose of a process. They typically reveal the adaptive challenges hindering leadership growth and organizational transformation. Through embracing the cultural, social, and relational context of organizations, we co-create a process that aligns goals and moves organizations and leaders forward.

We are Process Consultants practicing our craft in our area of expertise. For our clients, our helping approach is recognized by its:

  • Client-centered focus

  • Client-owned approach

  • Client specific context

  • Client defined success

  • Advancing the client’s learning, the Process Consultant’s wisdom, and the reputation of that consultant and our community of practice

Design Group International has given me an opportunity to work in a community committed to serving others and gain the personal knowledge of several senior consultants whom I trust.

I have gained a deeper understanding of myself and how my personality traits play out as a consultant and as a member of the Community of Practice. This knowledge goes beyond Design Group International and is valuable on my life journey.
Ron Mahurin Headshot 300x300 Kate Frillmann Headshot 300x300
Ron Mahurin, Senior Consultant
Kate Frillmann, Senior Consultant

Have some questions about The Community of Practice?

If you are ready to continue the conversation or have a few questions, please feel free to schedule some time with our CEO, Lon L. Swartzentruber. 
He will be happy to talk with you more about walking alongside leaders.