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Four Themes For Successful Maestro-level Leaders
Episode #56 of the Third Turn Podcast with Mark L. Vincent

We change it up a bit with this episode!

Every week, participants in our Maestro-level leader cohorts receive a short note called the Maestro-level letter. On occasion, one of those cohort participants serves as the writer. Many of the weeks they come from me – digging into the four themes we believe need to be addressed for successful Maestro-level leaders. 

  1. A job description for this season of leadership.
  2. A map toward succession.
  3. A future balance sheet for enterprise recapitalization.
  4. A clear and communicated leadership philosophy.

We spin around these themes across the four years of cohort participation, intending to create a forward momentum that helps to slingshot successors into the future.

To further introduce these four themes, we feature a letter written on each theme, with a brief introduction to each and why I wrote it. To intrigue you further here is a one-sentence descriptor of each letter. What theme do you think each represents?

  1. Why should Mr. Putin ask for forgiveness?
  2. A grand tapestry of profound effect. Weave on!
  3. Moses fled from Pharaoh.
  4. Expecting an enemy at any moment.

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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
September 27, 2022
I walk alongside leaders, listening to understand their challenges, and helping them lead healthy organizations that flourish.