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Episode 34: A Life of Enduring Awe & Wonder

Posted by Kristin Evenson on Nov 23, 2021 8:00:00 AM
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A Life of Enduring Awe & Wonder
Episode #34 of the Third Turn Podcast with Christine Sine. 


Our guest Christine Sine believes that awe and wonder can transform our lives--especially at this current moment when we face so many traumatic challenges in our world.

And lest that sound like the belief of someone rather lackadaisical with naiveté and lots of time on her hands, consider Christine’s bio:

  • She trained as a medical doctor in her homeland of Sydney, Australia, and was in private practice in New Zealand;
  • She’s served as Chief Medical Officer on the Mercy Ship, establishing a ministry to do cleft lip/palate and eye surgeries, and offer medical and dental work to those disadvantaged around the world;
  • She’s worked in refugee camps at the Thai/Cambodian border and with refugees in Haiti;
  • She’s authored seven books and has long consulted with individuals, churches, and organizations on ways of integrating spiritual practices in real-life ways.

Where many of us segregate our hard-work years from what we hope are later-life seasons for things akin to awe and wonder (think grandparenting, retirement, travel, etc.), Christine has lived it all at once, as part of a deep commitment to an integrated life of wholeness and inclusivity.  In fact, she sees her overarching passion--her sense of mission across all these things--as finding wholeness for herself and enabling others to find wholeness as well.  And a life of wholeness, she believes, is deeply rooted in a sense of awe and wonder.

Christine’s always tended to see a bigger, more inclusive circle than others might--whether becoming a doctor despite her conservative church’s attitudes about women; feeling drawn to Third World medicine and a more whole-life approach to healthcare, or living in an intergenerational community for much of her life.

And in this episode we benefit and are inspired by her experience, and challenged to be leaders who approach the world with commitment and contribution infused with awe and wonder, all along the way; instruments of God’s wholeness in our hurting world.

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