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DIY Brain
Episode #48 of the Third Turn Podcast with Dr. Roger Hall

Research shows that, on average, roughly 75% of our thoughts on a given day are negative.

Dr. Roger Hall, psychologist and author, has a passion and practice to help leaders think about their thinking--learning to monitor and manage their thinking and replace unproductive with productive thoughts.  Why? 

Because great leaders are disciplined thinkers.  And they’re also mere mortals who, like all of us, come by disciplined thinking the hard way and with great intention.  Even Churchill--a seemingly fearless and unflappable leader--upon closer look struggled with what he called Black Dog Days marked by depression, and a habit of intense drinking that would indicate self-medicating.

Dr. Hall helps leaders toward more productive thinking and more productive impact and outcomes by helping them:

      • Monitor themselves (self-awareness)
      • Manage themselves (self-control)
      • Monitor others (empathy)
      • Manage others (influence).

Dr. Hall is also a certified mental health nutrition advisor, having recognized the significant connection between nutrition and peak performance.  Our brains occupy 2-5% of our body mass yet consume 20-25% of the fuel in our food.  And like a car’s performance is impacted by fuel quality, our brain functioning is impacted by our food quality. 

A leader’s Third Turn often presents a whole new physical and mental reality to navigate, Dr. Hall confirms:

      • Later in life, our body’s ability to navigate poor nutrition starts to break down as our livers, adrenals, and thyroid often start misfiring, presenting unforeseen symptoms and nutritional needs.  (Mark and I discuss our own experience with new nutritional realities.)
      • There’s need for Third Turn learning and skill set development to address long range planning challenges, skill matching and interpersonal realities, as well as self-awareness and -management challenges for a very new season.

There are lots of important perspectives here to chew on and embrace.  And two wrap-up recommendations for our DIY brain?  Dr. Hall emphasizes the importance of quiet reflection--allowing our brain to rest and do deeper work beyond the demands of the day--and having a strong sense of history--reading and remembering that those before us have led through challenging times, and there truly is nothing new under the sun.  And helping us put our leadership in context of both those that have gone before as well as those that will come after.


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Kristin Evenson
Post by Kristin Evenson
June 7, 2022
Kristin serves as a Consultant and Coach to leaders, teams, and boards by helping them leverage their unique brand of significance in context of: - Strategic junctures--Helping leaders and teams identify what can’t change and what must; - Leadership & life challenges—Helping leaders support, sustain and strengthen their soul in leadership; - Career change & transition—Helping them think creatively and courageously about what’s next. Kristin spent 20 years with Fallon Worldwide, leading brand and communications strategy development for clients across a variety of industries—including Nordstrom, Holiday Inn Express, and Children’s Defense Fund. Her career journey since has included stints as marketing/strategy director and consultant to companies, nonprofits and ministries in the areas of strategy, culture, communications and board governance. Her teams’ work won multiple national effectiveness awards, and her consulting work resulted in a “Best Practice in People/Workplace” by Upsize Magazine. Having completed NeuroLeadership Institute’s Brain-Based Coaching Program, Kristin incorporates brain-based principles into change initiatives for organizations, teams, and individuals. She and her husband Jeff Rosell have four awesome adult sons and host an international daughter, originally from South Sudan.