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Episode 30: Maintaining Focus Amid Big Change

Posted by Kristin Evenson on Sep 28, 2021 7:30:00 AM
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Maintaining Focus Amid Big Change
Episode #30 of the Third Turn Podcast with a Connie Miller.

Today’s guest, Connie J. Miller, has a keen eye.  And the gifts of observation and strategy have served her well as both a CEO who identified and then led an organizational merger within the credit union industry, and as an accomplished poker player! (She’s won seats to play at the World Poker Tour and the Ladies World Series of Poker.)

Most lists of what makes a good poker player include these four qualities--qualities you’ll definitely hear peppered throughout Connie’s finely-honed leadership experience and perspective:

  1. Ability to read and influence people
  2. Quickly calculating probabilities
  3. Understanding risk versus reward
  4. Discipline.

Connie has navigated from accountant to CFO to CEO across a variety of mission-driven organizations and has earned leadership awards and accolades.  She’s been on both sides of the table when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, and well knows the grit and stamina a leader needs to bring a team through big change. (You can read more about Connie’s journey and accomplishments on her LinkedIn profile).

In all this, Connie’s noticed and navigated the very distinct responses people take to change: 

  • the response that’s prone to negativity, fear, resistance, drama, dysfunction, and sabotage; 
  • and the response that maintains focus on integrity, objectivity, teamwork, trust, courageous conversations, and the big picture. 

And experience with the former has given her a passion for the latter: ‘…to help teams and professionals show up well and create a respected personal brand when working through change.’

This now becomes the focus of Connie’s own Third Turn, which includes consulting work through Credible Advantage and the book Don’t Sabotage Your Career: 11 Power-Filled Steps to Succeed.

Because sometimes, others can see the blind spot, default attitudes, or unconscious habits that we ourselves can’t.  And for the sake of leaders and organizations that follow, Connie wants to help us then see a better way.

Kristin Evenson
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- Kristin Evenson


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