3 Steps for Developing Authentic Donor Relationships

By authentically addressing the three steps of a relationship—initiating, developing and sustaining—you can advance your organization's mission, but also bring joy to the process.

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The Tao of Action Reflection

We all have first responses to problems we must address: we act or we think.

These responses demonstrate our strengths, but also our weaknesses. It is not important to change our response, but to balance it.

Read The Tao of Action-Reflection:

  • Learn more about your instinctual response.
  • Learn more about how organizations have the same responses.
  • Discover how excessive reflection or impulsive action leads people and organizations to virtually the same disappointing end.

The Tao of Action-Reflection is a resource developed by the Consultants and Preferred Providers of Design Group International from their many years of experience helping organizations and their leaders discover clarity and implement solutions.

Wheel Forward or Spiral Downward

Armed with the right reasons,
   the right people figured it out
       with the right insight
           at the right place
              at the right time
                 with the right approach. 

Remove any of these factors from the recipe of designing a stratgic process and the planning method wrapped around it is doomed to fail, no matter how shiny its wrapper or how convincing its celebrity pitch-person.

Kim Stezala and Mark L. Vincent, combine their acclaimed expertise to unpack the elements of process design.

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