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Maestro-level leaders gathers highly developed executives who yearn to refine themselves to the highest level of leadership.

You’ve climbed the corporate and leadership mountain. Now what?
Do you just climb back down and disappear? 
Do you try to hold on until you fail or fall?  
Or, do you unpack your means to fly and start to soar?

"As I lead a dynamic and growing technology organization it is incumbent on me to keep growing personally.  The executive advising relationship I have with Mark helps me meet this objective.  Mark is a great listener and has an innate ability to ask the right questions to help me to see critical things that are not yet visible to me.  Mark challenges me to grow and in a kind and respectful way holds me accountable to my plans.  My life is blessed with some great partnerships, and Mark certainly is on the top tier of that list."

President & CEO, UFS

Becoming a Maestro-level leader is a journey specific to the person and their surrounding world.

Mark L. Vincent, Design Group International's Founder, refers to this journey as the third turn of executive leadership. There is no road map for this other than the one you write as you travel; there is no guide who has gone down your path previously. But, there are much-needed and experienced companions.
Are you ready for your Third Turn?


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Maestro-level leaders (1)

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