The Third Turn of a Leader.

Learning to lead toward future, sustained organizational value, and legacy.

Gathering highly-developed executives committed to refining themselves to the highest level of leadership.

What is Maestro-level leaders?

A four-year peer-based leadership journey to explore, map, and implement what succession, sustained organizational success, and legacy look like in each leader’s unique life and organizational context.

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Who is Maestro-level leaders for?

Organizational leaders/founders who know it’s time to not only think about but actually plan for succession, and who want to approach What’s Next with a broader lens--planning for a new season of growth, value, impact, and significance for themselves, their successor, and the organization as a whole. Leaders who believe that fostering the success of their successors and building (versus eroding) value are non-negotiables for their transition and leadership legacy.

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What is involved?

A cohort of 6-12 for-profit/non-profit leaders journey together and commit to:

  • Convening virtually one morning each month to talk through opportunities and challenges
  • Meeting 1-on-1 monthly with an Executive Advisor for action and accountability
  • Gathering quarterly for a 1.5-day retreat to learn, explore, map, and model.

Maestro-level leader Cohort Experience Includes:

MLL Cohorts

Monthly Cohort Meetings

MLL Retreats

Quarterly Retreats

Maestro-level Letter

Weekly Maestro-level Letter

MLL Case Studies


MLL Practical Planning Content & Tools

Planning Content & Tools

MLL Leadership Assessments

Leadership Assessments

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Deliverables and Outcomes:

  • An intentional plan for continued organizational growth and sustained value.
  • A future balance sheet—optimally at least 5 years out.
  • Key (and oftentimes new) success metrics and measures.
  • A succession plan, tailored to the unique needs of the organization.
  • A new job description for the leader—for both the succession-planning phase and beyond.
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“As the CEO of UFS, leading a growing community bank technology outfitter, it is imperative for me to focus on creating a company that is sturdy and sustainable so that we can serve our customers into future generations. The work to do this though is like trying to see around corners and being part of the Maestro Level Leaders cohort empowers me to do just that.”

Mike Tenpas, President & CEO at UFS

The world-class leader’s journey has three turns.

Turn 1

Artisan: Learning to lead oneself

In the first turn, you learn to lead yourself. You learn about you. You determine your capacities and boundaries. You learn to lead where you are concerned.

Turn 2

Artist: Learning to lead others and an organization

In the second turn, others have acknowledged your gifts and invite you to lead a team or organization. You learn about the organization. You determine its capacities and boundaries. You learn to lead where others are concerned.

Turn 3

Maestro: learning to lead toward future, sustained organizational value, and legacy

The Maestro-level leader is entering the third turn of a journey; this is where our conversations will flow as a resource for accomplished leaders who intend to soar toward that future. This is a uniquely sculpted place. It is your opportunity to craft deeper vision out of chaos, to discover and orchestrate future value for the organization you steward, and to lead where legacy is concerned.


Inherent Risk.


of executive transitions are regarded as failures or disappointments two years later.
(McKinsey & Company 2018)

Value Erosion.


lower performance results from unsuccessful transitions.
(CEB Global 2013)

Future Vitality.


The likelihood that the team will meet 3-year goals if leadership transition is successful.
(Corporate Executive Board)


Daunting Odds.

30% → 12% 3%

The declining share of family businesses that last into a second, third, and fourth generation.
(Family Business Institute)

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