Why embrace a Process Consulting approach to helping?

Process Consulting

As Process Consultants, we believe that it begins with design.

No matter what the it is.

When working with leaders, a Process Consultant seeks to help clients gain clarity on the it by posing questions.

Questions help clients discover their true aspirations even when they cannot articulately define their it.

Process Consulting provides distinct advantages in comparison to more expert-based consulting. Process Consulting places clients at the core of the conversation. Since clients are positioned at the center of the conversation, Process Consultants are often referenced as 'walking alongside' them. We are not in front of leaders pulling them forward. We are not behind them prodding them onward. We are alongside leaders as their partner and confidant.

We are co-creating with them solutions to the challenges which they are experiencing. We do offer our specific expertise when our content knowledge is especially helpful for the client’s journey.

By taking a Process Consulting posture, Design Group International consultants utilize three core behaviors Listening, Helping, and Learning. We consider these behaviors so significant that they comprise our core values and assure that we deliver on our mission…helping organizations and leaders transform for a vibrant future.

By behaving in this way, we are able to:

  • Form Client Agreements in concert with our described purpose

  • Be accountable with colleagues committed to lifelong learning and collegial life within a Community of Practice

  • Consider a project complete when a client offers their thanks and recommends our service to other organizations

  • Maintain excellence in customer service

  • Price our work so that our clients can be well-served

  • Treat our clients, vendors, colleagues, and even our competition, with respect


Resist the temptation to give answers to client questions is something I've learned as a process consultant. It's about helping them to process and find the answers for themselves.

I’ve learned that I love supporting other leaders, walking alongside them to grapple with big challenges. I love facilitation and am surprised by the beautiful connections of process consulting and coaching individuals and groups.
Ron Mahurin Deanna Rolffs
Ron Mahurin, Senior Consultant
Deanna Rolffs, Senior Consultant

Have some questions about Process Consulting?

If you are ready to continue the conversation or have a few questions, please feel free to schedule some time with our CEO, Lon L. Swartzentruber. 
He will be happy to talk with you more about walking alongside leaders.