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Slow Down and Keep Going
Episode #66 of the Third Turn Podcast with Patricia Teall Vincent, Kenny and Kim Cox

An unavoidable question for a Maestro-level leader is this: What is the life I will go to?

Our long leadership took most of our waking days for years of our life. That intensive effort almost works against smoothly transitioning from the life in which we are to the life to which we will go. Even if we want to keep space open for some time before taking hold of something, the current busy-ness can block our ready-ness. My wife, Patricia Teall Vincent, joined me for a conversation with Kenny and Kim Cox as we discuss this question.

In this episode, you'll find some unique perspectives on:

  • Thrill-seeking
  • Personal transformation
  • Keeping the love for people at the center of who we are
  • Moving forward throughout life
  • Being adults with your children
  • Continuing to grow ourselves.
  • Generosity
  • Kenny Cox, the owner of Cox Family Holdings, was a previous guest (Episode #19), where he tells the story of his Three Turns of leadership.


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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
February 28, 2023
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