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Succession Models To Follow
Episode #74 of the Third Turn Podcast with Mark L. Vincent

Succession planning often lands in the category of planning a funeral or making an estate plan. Good to do. Rarely get to it. And what little we get done is paltry in comparison to the planfulness needed to do it well. This is ironic because starting an enterprise required planning or no investors would come on board! The irony continues with each year’s budget plan, and the occasional strategic planning in which we engage. Why would we think planfulness disappears once the subject shifts to succession? In episode #74 features Mark L. Vincent provides four models we might follow in succession planning, each one growing from the weekly Maestro-level letter he sends to his Clients.

  1. Mark’s long-time colleague, Arlen Vernava: succession is steak, not cake!
  2. Isaac Deutscher’s biography of Leon Trotsky: the rise of one leader makes it harder for other leaders to rise.
  3. Jazz great Hugh Masakela: we win when we leave the game.
  4. Charlene Vincent: pledging one’s troth with patience for life-long projects.

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Mark L. Vincent
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June 20, 2023
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