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Process Consultants

Unique Expertise and Collaborative Spirits

Our consultants hold content expertise in a wide variety of fields. Each is an expert in their own right with a unique set of skills, strengths, and experiences. A shared commitment to Process Consulting makes our community of practice whole.


Dr. Renoulte Allen

Senior Consultant
"I am dedicated to empowering leaders, nurturing organizations, and driving change: Let's embark on a transformative journey together."
Jennifer Barchi (2)

Jennifer Barchi

Senior Consultant
"In the midst of chaos, high stress, and uncertainty, I work with you and your team to cultivate growth out of trauma."
kevin headshot

Kevin Eastway

Senior Consultant
"I love helping leaders and their teams get curious, gain clarity, and steward their capacity to lead.  I especially find joy in coming alongside fundraisers and executives to reimagine the future of their practice and organization in a more human and community-centered manner."
Dawn Yoder Graber Headshot (300x300)

Dawn Yoder Graber

Senior Consultant
"I am a Coach to Rising Women Executives & Energizing Educator for your Team’s Targeted Learning Opportunities."
Dr. Gerry B. Krupp Headshot

Dr. Gerry B.

Senior Consultant
"I help people and church communities experience new beginnings."
Ron Mahurin Headshot


Senior Consultant
"I partner with leaders and institutions of higher education to develop clear, attainable and actionable results."
Linda Milanowski - Westdorp Headshot

Linda Milanowski - Westdorp

Senior Consultant
"As a change agent, I enjoy helping leaders gain clarity, align disparate groups, and move strategy into action, through sustainable results."
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Rose Shetler

Senior Consultant
"I walk alongside leaders, listening to understand their challenges, and helping them lead healthy organizations that flourish."
Steve Slagel Headshot

Steve Slagel

Senior Consultant
"I work with faith communities and their leaders to discover and embrace their God-given identity and purpose."
Kim Stezala Headshot

Kim Stezala

Senior Design Partner
"I provide objective analysis to improve the vitality and success of nonprofit organizations."
Noele Stith Headshot

Noele Stith

Senior Design Partner
"I execute and operationalize a leader’s vision by utilizing my capacities to navigate through systems, technology, and human complexities."
Lon website (1)-1

Lon L. Swartzentruber

Managing Partner & CEO of Design Group International
"I walk alongside leaders to help them articulate their vision, build consensus, obtain funding, and create lasting change."
Elizabeth Topliffe

Elizabeth Topliffe

Senior Consultant
“I partner with leaders, listening and helping them transform themselves and their organizations toward purposeful, vibrant, and creative change.”
Gaelle (1)

Gaëlle Thibault

Platform Manager
“It is an honor to serve the DGI community and help the process consultants provide the best service possible to our community.”
Arlen G. Vernava Headshot

Arlen G. Vernava

Senior Consultant
"I help practitioners and faith communities affirm and live into their vocation during times of change and transition."
Matt Visser Headshot

Matt Visser

Senior Design Partner
"My greatest joy is empowering you as an adaptive leader to tackle complex problems within your organization."
Lukie Wells Headshot


Senior Design Partner
"As a process consultant, I will partner with you and your organization to co-create plans to maximize my client’s sense of belonging, awareness to contribute, and capacity to thrive."
Jeanne Zimmerly-Jantzi Headshot

Jeanne Zimmerly Jantzi

Collaborative Consultant
"When your vision inspires you to work towards adaptive change and organizational transformation, I am ready to walk alongside you."

Strategic Partners

Peter Schein website pic

Peter A. Schein

Strategic Partner
"My mission is to help organizations learn that they do not have “a culture problem”, they have business problems that culture either helps or hinders.  I focus on illuminating what seems vague with a vocabulary which leaders and teams use to develop specific initiatives to improve communication, engagement, alignment, and performance."

Design Group International Advisory Partners

David S. Bell Headshot

David S. Bell

Of Counsel
"With a focus on leadership and generosity, I help faith-based organizations transform for a vibrant future."
Philip C. Bergey Headshot

Philip C. Bergey

Advisory Partner
"I coach business and nonprofit leaders to help transform them and the systems they lead."
Dr. Mark L. Vincent Headshot

Dr. Mark L. Vincent

"I am an Executive Advisor, a Facilitator of CEO groups for experienced executives, and an advocate for developing the field of Process Consulting."