Matt Visser

Senior Consultant


Discovery Process - Engaging Community Stakeholders

Finding time as a leader today is challenging and often seems to be near impossible. When your time is scarce, the idea of slowing down and listening is stressful. I can help you slow down enough to intentionally listen to your stakeholders through a process of discovery. The Discovery process will change your perspective, realign your time and resources, and deepen your relationships with your staff, board, supporters, and community. Listening requires an openness to learning alongside your stakeholders, yet produces amazing insights and clarity that can propel your organization forward.

Strategic Planning - Crafting a Shared Vision 

As a leader, you face the immense challenge of managing the many demands of running an organization with limited time and resources. This reality makes it difficult to work on long-term vision. I can help you and your organization gain renewed clarity of vision and goals through strategic planning and visioning. The process requires leaders to engage their constituents in new ways and be open to surprises and opportunities. In the end, leaders gain confidence in the direction and purpose of their work and what is required to move forward together.


Authentic Advancement - Building Sustainability 

Raising money is often challenging for leaders and organizations. With seemingly scarce resources and endless need, it feels daunting to build sustainable funding to fuel your mission. I can help you build an authentic advancement movement that deepens donor relationships and capitalizes on the unique strengths of the organization. The process isn’t always easy and requires a willingness for you to face your fears about fundraising and donor development. In the end, you will gain a clearer vision for how authentic advancement can transform your organization and generate the sustained resources to further your mission.


Team Development - Recruiting and Growing Leaders

It can be difficult to build a cohesive team that engages all members and integrates the strengths of each person. Often times, staff transitions can make it difficult to build the  momentum and continuity needed to grow momentum. I can help grow team cohesion through aligning the strengths of each team member with the right roles. The process requires openness and trust from the team and a willingness to reflect and grow as leaders. As a result, your team gains clarity of their unique roles and a renewed energy to accomplish a shared vision.


My greatest joy is empowering you as an adaptive leader to tackle complex problems within your organization. I have invested over 18 years in growing nonprofit organizations in higher education, nonprofit fundraising, and educational innovation. I love joining together with my clients to discover creative solutions in order to move your vision forward. In my relationships with leaders, I seek to be a genuine and calming presence that walks alongside you as you build a clear pathway toward a vibrant future. 

This work a process consultants is personal and based on building trusting and collaborative relationships. Let's start a conversation so I can learn more about you and your organization in order to discover together the ways I can support you and your team. Click here to learn more about process consulting and how a process approach can help you and your organization.