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Lucretia has a keen capacity to bring stakeholders together for positive discourse to preserve a sense of mission and vision as an organization builds its value proposition and the capacity to be self-sustaining. After a 35-year career working in independent schools, Lucretia joined Design Group International to pursue her passion of supporting Heads of School and Executive Directors, Senior Leadership teams and Boards of Trustees.

Whether working in a coaching relationship or in partnerships, teams or large organizations, clients will identify their strengths to build capacity for improving efficiencies and functions within their organization.  As a practitioner, Lucretia has led organizations through succession planning, strategic planning, crisis management and community engagement efforts. Individuals and teams have benefited from her deep experience and expertise during times of change or the recognition of needing to improve a system or team dynamics. 

Having served as a Head of School, Director of Accreditation, and Board Member, during her 35-year career, Lucretia is familiar with the systems of non-profits and the complexities of pulling together constituencies. Through individual coaching, team dynamic work and organizational consulting, Lucretia creates an atmosphere for safe discourse, productive engagement and accountability design that is woven into the organization’s culture and operations. 

Most recently, Lucretia served as the Director of Accreditation for the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools for five years and worked with numerous Heads of Schools and Boards as they navigated the process of addressing today’s challenges of sustaining a nonprofit in complex times. 

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As a client, you can expect:
  • Access to a consistently responsive and reliable professional
  • Collaborative and supportive partnership
  • An active listener who puts her clients at the center of her work
  • Inclusive stakeholder processes
  • Co-created outcomes designed for the benefit of the organization
  • Realistic modeling of achievable goals
  • Ongoing monitoring to achieve results

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What Clients Say About Lukie

The support that Lukie has provided to all of us is not only based on the knowledge of our work that she amassed in her five years, but it is also on the interpersonal experiences with people and sometimes difficult circumstances. Lukie can handle delicate matters professionally. She has dealt with people in influential and powerful roles who have been upset about a report. She has support school heads who are struggling with circumstances in their schools. She brings to these situations her own experiences and a temperament that is service oriented.  I should also mention that Lukie brings a background with foundations and non-profits that have been outside of her work at PAIS. 

Whatever the topic or theme we were exploring as a group, I came to recognize Lukie as someone who always  has perceptive things to offer and share. From the get-go I appreciated her thoughtfulness,

Lukie has shown a dedication  and commitment that is unparalleled, and she has worked assiduously to ensure that our  Association’s accreditation processes are second-to-none and as impactful as they possibly  can be for our many and diverse member schools.  

It goes without saying that Lukie Wells has had a tremendous career in independent  school leadership, and has made many contributions to the health and well-being of  countless learning communities. I know that I am not alone in counting Lukie as one of  my most trusted and respected colleagues. She is, without doubt, on many school leaders’ speed dials, and would serve your organization exceptionally well as an executive coach  and consultant.

Lukie Wells brings her full self to her coaching services. An excellent active listener, Lukie partners with her clients to distill issues - complex or simple - into achievable goals. A hallmark of Lukie’s personality is her authentic curiosity and her ability to ask pivotal questions that encourage clients to dig deeper. Her passion to work in service of the client is at the forefront of her work. Lukie is warm, empathetic, attentive and insightful. Her approachable, responsive style fosters a supportive environment for continued learning and growth.
Gary Niels Jeff Suzik Caren Levine
Gary Niels, Executive Director @ Pennsylvania Association of Independent School
Jeff Suzik, Ph.D., Director of Schools @ Cranbrook Schools
Caren Levine, Rabbi, Learner, Coach

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