About Lucretia "Lukie" Wells

Senior Consultant
lukie wells

Background and Expertise

Lucretia has a keen capacity to bring stakeholders together for positive discourse to preserve a sense of mission and vision as an organization builds its value proposition and the capacity to be self-sustaining. After a 35-year career working in independent schools, Lucretia joined Design Group International to pursue her passion of supporting Heads of School and Executive Directors, Senior Leadership teams and Boards of Trustees.

Whether working in a coaching relationship or in partnerships, teams or large organizations, clients will identify their strengths to build capacity for improving efficiencies and functions within their organization.  As a practitioner, Lucretia has led organizations through succession planning, strategic planning, crisis management and community engagement efforts. Individuals and teams have benefited from her deep experience and expertise during times of change or the recognition of needing to improve a system or team dynamics. 

Having served as a Head of School, Director of Accreditation, and Board Member, during her 35-year career, Lucretia is familiar with the systems of non-profits and the complexities of pulling together constituencies. Through individual coaching, team dynamic work and organizational consulting, Lucretia creates an atmosphere for safe discourse, productive engagement and accountability design that is woven into the organization’s culture and operations. 

Most recently, Lucretia served as the Director of Accreditation for the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools for five years and worked with numerous Heads of Schools and Boards as they navigated the process of addressing today’s challenges of sustaining a nonprofit in complex times. 

Working with Lukie

As a client, you can expect:

  • Access to a consistently responsive and reliable professional

  • Collaborative and supportive partnership

  • An active listener who puts her clients at the center of her work   

  • Inclusive stakeholder processes

  • Co-created outcomes designed for the benefit of the organization

  • Realistic modeling of achievable goals

  • Ongoing monitoring to achieve results 

What will all this mean for you? 

  • Partnership to success

  • Mission based processes, goals and outcomes

  • Organizational and team engagement in the design and development of outcomes

  • Realistic pacing to achieve sustainable systemic adaptations