About Linda Milanowski - Westdorp

Senior Consultant

Background and Expertise

Executive level leader at Herman Miller, Inc, with  experience ranging from Product Design and Development, Change Management, and all aspects of Human Resources.  Cross-functional facilitator, coach and executor of strategy and leadership development in global corporate, subsidiary, and non-profit settings.

Help leaders create order out of chaos in creative, thoughtful ways:

  • Develop, align around, and clarify the way forward 
  • Unleash innovative ideas 
  • Dissect, untangle, and simplify complex barriers 
  • Align people, culture, and systems to maximize intent and value of mergers and acquisitions

We might be a good fit if:

You've built a strong foundation in your organization, and now:

  • There are areas with so much potential,  yet "aren't quite there"
  • Teams are working hard to re-energize during and through turbulent times
  • Leaders need help gaining organizational alignment around common goals
  • The newly communicated strategy is ready to activate

What you can expect

  • Rapid creation of trusted partnerships
  • Inquiries to uncover current reality of what is, and is not, working
  • Envision what fully "working well" looks like
  • Clarify and confirm objectives
  • Collaborate to design implementation plan and process
  • A scalable, systemic outcome of which you’ll be proud
  • Leaders equipped with knowledge to carry forward

Let's work together to unleash your team's performance by quickly engaging your leaders and functional experts to create laser focus on desired results.

What will all this mean for you? 

  • Day-to-day actions aligned with strategy, culture, and key results
  • Employees energized by productive, meaningful work!
  • Retention of top talent
  • Fully engaged employees

What I don’t do:

  • Present a rigid process with pre-conceived plug-and-play outcomes.