Meet Linda Milanowski - Westdorp

Linda Milanowski - Westdorp

Hi, meet Linda!

Often described as an Executive Advisor who listens, brings disparate perspectives together, and helps define common ground toward innovative solutions.

Linda is grounded in executive leadership across Product Design, Development & Market Launch, Change Leadership, and all aspects of Human Resources.  She thrives at cross functional intersections, and places where People, Process, and Product come together. 

Her corporate background at executive levels, coupled with extensive non-profit engagement, have yielded deep and wide experiences, which allow her to bring wisdom and insights into any business or non-profit setting. 

Today, Linda serves as Executive Advisor, Process Consultant, and cross functional facilitator throughout all aspects of business, global corporate, subsidiary, and non-profit settings.

She might be a good fit if:

You've built a strong foundation in your organization, and now:

  • There are areas with so much potential,  yet they "aren't quite there"
  • Leaders need help gaining leadership and/or organizational alignment around common goals
  • The newly communicated strategy is ready to activate
What you can expect
  • Rapid creation of trusted partnerships
  • Inquiries to uncover current reality of what is, and is not, working
  • Envisioning optimized functions and processes 
  • Collaboration to design implementation plan and process
  • A scalable, systemic outcome 
  • Leaders equipped with knowledge to design and execute a customized plan to obtain desired business results

Linda will work with your leadership team to unleash your team's performance by quickly engaging your leaders and functional experts to create laser focus on desired results.

What will all this mean for you? 
  • Day-to-day actions aligned with strategy, culture, and key results
  • Employees energized by productive, meaningful work!
  • Retention of top talent
  • Fully engaged employees
What she doesn't do:
  • Present a rigid process with pre-conceived plug-and-play outcomes.

Linda's Expertise & Certifications

  • Certified Process Consultant, 2021
  • TalentTelligent All-Access Certification; June 2023
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Student Leadership Challenge Facilitator



Help leaders create order out of chaos in creative, thoughtful ways:
  • Develop, align around, and clarify the way forward
  • Unleash innovative ideas
  • Dissect, untangle, and simplify complex barriers
  • Align people, culture, and systems to maximize intent and value of mergers and acquisitions

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What Clients Say About Linda

Linda has a truly unique leadership skillset.  

She has the patience and genuine curiosity to work with ambiguity and display the humility and courage to ask the questions that no one else will ask.   

Through a process of inquiry, active listening, coaching, and discovery Linda works with her clients to develop and co-create solutions to complex and often vexing problems.  Her skillset is worth its weight in gold.   Any organization would be fortunate to work with Linda as a Process Consultant.

I really enjoy working with Linda.  She is fun and genuine.  Her inquisitive mind always comes up with creative ideas and solutions.

Linda helped me develop a Business Plan to galvanize stakeholders, achieve our business goals, build a united team, and launch a product that remains highly valued by our customers.

What made the experience successful:  Linda used a well prepared, yet iterative and agile, human-centered approach, focused on profitable business outcomes.  

She is seen as part of the team to this day. 

Linda's strategic facilitation and leadership experiences played an integral role in our business unit securing a critical partnership with a network of large, public universities. 

Recognizing the complexity involved with bringing more than 10 institutions together serving 500,000 students annually, Linda took the holistic approach of understanding each one's unique demands so that all perspectives were valued. 

Linda's work created a clear, compelling framework for collaboration that made our organization the obvious partner for these universities. Any organization navigating complex strategic challenges will benefit from her time-tested, results-oriented expertise.

Tony Cortese Wayne Baxter carmini Derrell Jackson
Tony Cortese, Principal, ARIA Leadership Coaching and Consulting, LLC.
Wayne Baxter, President @ Flairwood
Paulo Carmini, Vice-President & GM Global Strategic Business Group @ Herman Miller, Inc.
Derrell Jackson, Director of University Partnerships @ East Coast Coursera

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