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Arlen G. Vernava

Hi, I'm Arlen!

Helping Practitioners through coaching and helping Organizations and Communities of Faith and their leaders affirm and live into their vocation during times of change and transition, describes the holy work of interim-time. Whether you are feeling confident or unsettled, in crisis or in calm, Arlen believes you know your deep and glad goodness. He also believes you know the profound need your goodness helps make whole. 

Arlen believes interim-time sets the table to deeply explore, discover, and claim anew your deep gladness in response to your world's need. He believes "being" and "doing" this work depends upon thoughtful, prayerful community conversations. He believes generous hospitality, respectful communality and glad collaboration are heart habits that support this life-giving work. He’s been practicing this way of being and doing since he was ordained in 1985. And after all these years, Arlen believes we all benefit from companions for the journey. 

Arlen believes spiritual and emotional transition and change always arrives at something full of grace and truth. He feels honored and glad to join you in this unsettling/wonderful, tart/sweet, intentional and blessed time!

Arlen's Expertise & Certifications

B.A. in Psychology and Anthropology (minor), 1982, Rhode Island College, Providence, RI 

M.Div., 1985, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (now Palmer), Wynnewood, PA; 

Jungian Analysis, 1988-1992, Hartford, CT 

Congregational Consultation and Transformation Certificate, 2008-2009. Center for Congregational Health, Raleigh-Durham, NC 

Process Consulting: Design Group International, Inc., 2011 - ongoing

Coaching Certificate ICF, completed 2012. Center for Congregational Health, Raleigh- Durham, NC 

Coaching Diploma, completed 2018. Madanes School of Enneagram Coaching 

Coaching Diploma with PAEI, completed 2021. Madanes School of Enneagram Coaching 

PAEI Profiler Certification, 2021. Madanes School of Enneagram Coaching 

Workplace Big 5 Certification, 2019 / 2021. Paradigm Personality Labs 

PTS (Professional Transition Specialist) and Faculty, Interim Ministry Network – current 

Specialist, Association for Intentional Interim Ministry – current

Senior Consultant, Design Group International, Inc. – current

EPC (Executive Process Consultant) Society for Process Consulting - current

Arlen helps nurture:
  • a generous hospitality - lifting open hearts and minds toward all that feels new, strange, “wrong” or different
  • a respectful communality - abundant courage to join with all that feels "least, lost, and lonely" - persons and ideas - relationships, institutions and communities.
  • a glad collaboration - wholesome intimacy with all the things that make for the past, present and the emerging future
  • emotionally and spiritually mature leadership
  • creative, vibrant, passionate faith communities, organizations, leaders and Practitioners
  • being and doing congruent with one’s "holy" vocation

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