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By Aurora Rogers
on July 04, 2014
Be Strong and Courageous! Choose to Live. Pursue your Dreams. Lead your your heart, do not follow it.1 Choose in every way to give life, and do not take it. Purpose to bless, and do not curse. When ...
By Aurora Rogers
on June 23, 2014
When you encounter all the simple and complex situations that make up your day, choose life. Take the risk to give generously and love unconditionally. 
By Aurora Rogers
on May 19, 2014
With present technology and social media, it may seem like people and companies are driven (or forced) to be more transparent. But really. How transparent are you being? How deep are your ...
Mark L. Vincent
By Mark L. Vincent
on May 06, 2013
With permission, I'm passing along a recent market prognostication from my good friend Gary Moore. Mentored by Sir John Templeton, erudite, deeply committed to ethical investing, and deeply concerned ...