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June 2023


An important announcement

We'll be celebrating our 75th Episode in July.  What comes next?

Recent Podcast Episodes

Mark & Kristin - Episode 73Mark - Episode 74

Listen to Episode 73

Listen to Episode 74

Noteworthy Quotes

"I have been such a student of transitions. Strategic transitions. Leadership transitions. I’ve studied it from a couple of different aspects. I’ve trained in the neuroscience of change because I’ve been so intrigued about it. So, I feel like more than most I have a lens on transition and have been a learner about it. And yet, 
when it came to my own, it was ‘Holy Moley!”
- Kristin Evenson (Episode 73)  

“Real winning is being able to step away. It is the satisfaction of well done. It is the granting of a mantle to others where we recognize greatness, and who will then do the same for others.”
- Mark L. Vincent (Episode 74)  

Key Themes

Our last three episodes were special joys to create!

  • Episode 73 – The life you go to
    • Tables are turned on co-host Kristin Evenson, and she becomes the interview subject. As a leader who has worked through and now is living beyond her Third Turn, and as a facilitator for multiple Maestro-level leader cohorts, Kristin is in a unique position to reflect on her own life and journey in combination with others.
  • Episode 74 – Real life models for a successful succession.
    • Mark L. Vincent reads several of his weekly Maestro-level letters sent to cohort participants and some of his Clients.  Pointing to his colleague, Arlen Vernava; drawing on history when considering insights from Trotsky; turning to jazz and the life of Hugo Masekela, and reflecting on an observation about his mother.
  • COMING in Episode 75 (our last – see the announcement below) -- We do a retrospective. Our entire crew offers their favorite snippets across our library of podcast episodes. This is a great way to be introduced to what we’ve been after in these three years of production.

Some Inspiration

Perhaps you’ve read recently, after a lot of hype and a whole lot of money, the Obamas and Prince Harry, and Princess Megan are no longer producing podcasts for Spotify. The stories and reasons are different, which is not the point I’d choose to make! It simply makes me feel better and as if we are in a notable company as we tell you our podcast is coming to an end in its current form.

We poured our hearts into these past three years and put together a significant library of evergreen content for any Third Turn Leader, considering future value, succession, and legacy.  We look forward to adding to our episodes from time to time, but we are shifting our focus from here.

Why? Because we’ve been learning as we go and repeatedly finding that our best investment is short-form content:  

  • Executive Thinking, our LinkedIn Newsletter (Yes! We invite your subscription)
  • The Third Turn Blog
  • (coming) LinkedIn short-form content
  • Short videos (which we will begin producing shortly and putting on in a variety of ways, including embedding them in some of the above)
  • The Maestro-level letter (drawn upon for Episode #74 and sent to Maestro-level cohort participants, who often forward them to their networks).

We are in the business of getting the opportunity of traveling companions for the difficult years of leadership transition, and we want to promote and recruit as effectively as we can without compromising our content-forward, resource-creating approach. We want any interaction you have with us to be helpful rather than a hook to be followed by a sales pitch!

We’ve gained a small, mighty, loyal following these past years. We are grateful! You can expect us to release a special episode from time to time, quite possibly a compilation of our favorite content, just as we’ve done for our last two episodes. Our increasing emphasis, however, will be a connection with an even larger audience across multiple content channels.

We make this shift as we form two new cohorts we want up and running before the end of the year.

  • Cohort #4 - for accomplished executives from any sector. Linda Milanowski-Westdorp will facilitate.
  • Cohort #5 - for Christian Leadership Alliance members. Kirk Kriegel will facilitate.

Kristin Evenson and I, along with Linda and Kirk, invite you to connect with us, as well as your connections to people who care about the world their grandchildren’s grandchildren will inherit.

Our deepest thanks for your ongoing listening, reading, and viewing!

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- Mark L. Vincent 


Kristin Mark and Linda

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Mark L. Vincent
Post by Mark L. Vincent
June 27, 2023
I walk alongside leaders, listening to understand their challenges, and helping them lead healthy organizations that flourish.