Leadership transition & succession planning

Lon L. Swartzentruber, CEO of Design Group International & Senior Design Partner

Leadership Transition and Succession Planning

There is a lot packed into the words leadership transition and succession planning.

Some people may not even want to talk about it, others wish to push it off for a while, and still others believe that it should have started long ago.

An important place to begin is by asking why. Why do we want to be about a leadership transition and succession plan in the first place? Asking questions like this takes leadership, foresight, and sincere desire to live into the mission of the organization for years to come.

Developing a leadership transition and succession planning process that works for your organization requires listening, understanding, and helping you articulate a way forward that captures people's imagination, passion, and engagement.

By walking alongside you, together we co-create a plan that crafts the future of the organization as it emerges.

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