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Noele Stith

Hi, I'm Noele!

Noele is a vision executer. She is a detail-oriented creative thinker that utilizes her strengths in operations, process design, and emotional intelligence to understand a leader’s vision to help align systems and human complexity to develop goals, processes and procedures that produce healthy and scalable outcomes. 

Noele holds over twenty years of working in executive leadership roles in business, entrepreneurship, leadership development, urban ministry, and education. Her skills in business operations, process design and system improvement include observing, listening, framework design, conflict management, operational analysis, leadership development, capacity building, facilitating, community engagement, and much more. 

Noele has a vast background of leading teams and public speaking. She has facilitated dozens of conferences nationally and locally on topics such as community development, youth and women empowerment, wellness, equity and inclusion, cultural competency, mental health, business development, community engagement, education, ministry, and leadership development. 

Noele's Expertise & Certifications

Noele believes that when leaders are healthy, heard, and supported, they can confidently execute sustainable processes that will position their organizations to thrive.  As a process consultant with decades of experience providing leadership support from Michigan to California, Noele specializes in executing a leader’s vision, while analyzing and co-creating operational strategies in business, education, human services, ministry, and nonprofit sectors.

Noele’s passion for healthy communities is the purpose which inspires her to develop spaces for observing, listening, mindset development, and interdependence opportunities that allows leaders, staff, and the business to increase productivity, innovation, and community impact. She earns her influence by noticing the details, and carefully measuring outcomes. 

From business plan creation and improvement to operational streamlining, Noele works together with you to create measurable impact on your business operations, from technology to human complexities. She inspires others toward implementation via shared goals, fueled by leadership through relational trust. 

  • Business Operations & Strategy Design
  • Small Business & Entrepreneurial Support
  • Fractional Chief Operations Officer
  • Adaptive Business Solutions
  • Equity, Cultural Understanding & Inclusion
  • Executive Coaching & Team Development
  • Community Design Thinking
  • Special Projects
  • Wellness Retreats

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The Ironies
of Poverty


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion,
and Belonging


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