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Listen First, Engage Second: Virtual Summit Conversation

Posted by Matt Visser on May 6, 2020 12:56:19 PM

I had the privilege to join Symposia Labs as part of their #continuechange virtual summit helping nonprofit leaders navigate fundraising and marketing during #covid19. We discussed the Power of Listening and why it is essential when engaging your audiences, including your donors.

You can connect with the entire virtual summit and all the conversations and resources at Connect with others and add your voice to the conversation. 

Imagine a moment in your life when someone REALLY listening to you. How did it make you feel? What impact did it make?

- Matt Visser

#ContinueChange Virtual Summit Conversation:
Listening First, Engage Second

Listen First: Engage Second (Live Discussion) from Timothy Haines on Vimeo.

The Power of Listening First

“Being listened to is so close to being loved, that most people can’t tell the difference.”

– David Augsberger, Psychotherapist

We build trust

  • We offer authenticity and transparency
  • We strengthen relationships

We find direction

  • We better understand the current reality
  • We uncover real challenges

We gain clarity

  • We can uncover what’s most important
  • We can see the pathways of opportunity

Engaging our Donors from a Listening Posture

Creating Two-Way Conversations

  • Virtual Meals or Coffee – Curiosity
  • Empathy Check-in Calls or Text Messages –Authenticity
  • Zoom Small Group Gatherings – Community

Second Best, Make it Personal

  • Personalized Gratitude Videos – Gratitude
  • Snail Mail Letters of Thanks - Encouragement
  • Quarantine Care Packages - Kindness

Download the slide deck as a shared resource. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.47.54 AM

Interested in learning more about the power of listening to help transform your fundraising strategy and donor relationships?

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