Building your resiliency to lead 


by Dawn Y. Graber

Woman journaling- Inspiration Resiliency


Resiliency Self-Care Practice #1 

GET INSPIRED each day!
This will require a commitment to mindfulness and most likely a slice of planned time.  
   What inspires you?
Who inspires you?
Inspiration is such that moves you to action and belief and puffs up your confidence that you’ll get there. 
To get inspired do you need to spend time in silence? In learning? In conversation with that special someone? In prayer? In a sacred text? In the natural world?
Sometimes we are hit over the head with inspiration but most of the time we need to pause long enough for our souls to connect to that which moves us.
That takes time and intention.
And you CAN build your resilience to lead in such a time as this by first GETTING INSPIRED as your first order of self-care .   

YOU are the person for such a time as this. The threat of decreased donor engagement for our organizations, interrupted supply chains for our businesses, layoffs, distractions from mission focus, the steep learning curve to work as a team virtually, and the stress of an unknown timeframe for this pandemic to end has knocked us for a loop. But RESILIENCE promises us “...the ability to bring energy- mental, spiritual, physical and emotional energy- to our lives, and particularly to situations that are difficult...” (Ferguson, Laurie J, PhD

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Dawn Yoder Graber
Post by Dawn Yoder Graber
March 27, 2020
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