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Gum Ball Financial Management (Part 1)

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

Gum Ball Financial Management

(Part 1)

Guest Blogger: Darryl J. Brown

Many not-for-profits deal with finances like a little kid at the gum ball and candy machine wall in a large store. Their eyes get big when they see all the variety of candies, prizes and trinkets that a quarter or 50 cents will buy. But because they don’t have any money of their own, they begin to look around for someone who can fund their immediate little heart’s desires. When offered a choice of a $5 bill or two quarters they happily snatch up the coins and run away.

Sadly, the parallels of this little story plays out time and again with well intentioned organizations. The not-for-profit has a great mission statement, they are concentrating single-mindedly on why they exist and are accomplishing much. Their cause is appreciated and championed by many. And so, they are concentrating on their own specific purpose, what makes them tick. Unfortunately they don’t take the time to ask the hard questions that will help them to realize exponential growth.

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