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One-page planning

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

We would like to invite all interested persons to the 2018 Stewardship Summit
23-25 January 2018 -- near Memphis, TN. 


A recent privilege to work with an organization trying to move their strategic efforts forward resulted in the following note when we sent them the tightly distilled, one-page version of their plan (excerpted and adapted to the purposes of this blog post):

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Respite and Renewed Focus

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

My postings to this blog have been minimal in 2015, and almost nothing since the summer began.

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Loving leaders into their steward vocation

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

My family story is one of holding our household together through my wife's long battle with leiomyosarcoma. Eighteen occurrences in sixteen years is a lot for anyone. We've made it this far, raising our children and now enjoying being grandparents, while building Design Group International, completing research projects related to graduate education, and finding ways to enjoy life, however constricted it might feel.

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CEO time & task management: writing the don't do list

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

Let us admit that the temptation in the cartoon at right is faced by executive leaders everywhere!

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CEO peer-based advising. The value.

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

Last summer we announced we were stepping deeply into CEO peer-based advising. We now have a couple up and running in Eastern Wisconsin:

1.  Leader2Leader -- a 9 a.m.-1 p.m. option for nonprofit and ministry CEOs
2.  Convene -- an 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. option for owners and CEOs of enterprise, that combines with monthly coaching conversations.

Both models include training days several times per year where nationally known content experts hold forth and Team members can bring some of their staff with them to maximize organizational application and impact. With our first training days now scheduled, I can hardly wait for them to take place so that our Team members can experience the full benefit! I also hope to plan a day some time in 2015 where both teams -- and perhaps some of the new ones we have on the drawing board -- can come together for excellent input and the opportunity to deepen the fabric of quality relationships.

Along the way I've held hundreds of conversations with business and service leaders, with many more to come. Everyone loves the idea and embraces the value of joining such a team. But as is so often the case, many choose not to. The responses remind me of the stories of religious revival meetings where people are invited but refuse to be "born again." 

  • If I perceive we are doing well as it is, then why would I need this? I'll consider it if we ever get into trouble and need help beyond our current competency.
  • If we are doing poorly, then how can we afford it? I need to earn my way back into the possibility before I can join.
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