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Business and the NFL

Posted by Randal Dick, Ph.D.

By Dr. Randal Dick, Guest Author. Reprinted by permission. Original article here.

With uncertainty and disruption being the new norm in business while planning horizons are getting shorter, business is starting to look like the typical situation on any given Sunday in the NFL. Winning football teams tend to be those most successful at managing the constant barrage of disruptors and the unforeseen. In this article, I’m suggesting that football understands how to succeed in spite of disruption in a way that makes just as dramatic a difference when applied in a business or nonprofit.

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Legacy trumps history

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

Adapted from the previous Design Group International publication The Appriser in 2010.

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Notes on a Resource: The Objective Leader

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

The Objective Leader

How To Leverage The Power Of Seeing Things As They Are

Publishing Information: by Elizabeth R. Thornton, Palgrave-Macmillan, 2015

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