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What is Process Consulting?

Posted by Ron Mahurin on September 27, 2018

originally posted May 28, 2018

Process consulting

Process consulting is all about helping organizations help themselves. By utilizing an inquiry-based and collaborative approach, together we craft an organizational process that meets your desired outcomes.

We walk alongside you as you go through these processes, coaching you along the way. Process consultants rarely, if ever, tell a client what to do. Instead, we ask open-ended questions helping you uncover answers that might not otherwise be discovered.

True change

True and lasting organizational change is achieved by creating a framework built on trust, accountability, and shared purpose.

Asking simple and thought-provoking questions is one tool that can help leaders uncover their organization’s true and lasting purpose.


Application to Higher Education

Higher education is in the throes of change. As leaders in higher education, we must focus our energies, our human and financial resources, and our vision in order to not simply remain competitive but to truly be compelling.  How often do you find yourself spending time putting out fires, allowing the tyranny of the urgent to drive your work? Our process consulting work is designed to hold up a mirror to the institution (including its top leadership team and board) to help you regain focus, ask the “why, what, for whom, where and when” questions that will give you and your team greater confidence in your work.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about how we can assist you and your institution in truly being its best self. 

Let’s begin the conversation together!


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