Process consulting

Our approach to transformation

It begins with design.

Unlike traditional consultants who may sell ready-made solutions, as process consultants, we go through an authentic discovery process to identify what you aim to accomplish, and more importantly, why.

By engaging and collaborating with you in a meaningful way, we go below the surface to ensure we are addressing the right things. This is especially important for organizations facing complex change, adaptation, or growth.

We work alongside you to develop a roadmap to help you move from where you are to where you want to be. Our consultants co-create solutions with you and we shift along the path together,  when needed. We keep an eye on your ultimate destination and work to prevent unnecessary detours along the way.

We help you learn throughout the process, growing your leadership capacity for continued, long-term success.

DGI - walking path

We'll walk with you. 

Design Group International consultants are guides along your path to transformation. You are the expert of your organization and we value your experience. We walk alongside you—never out in front of you or from behind you. We are in this together. We’re companions on your journey and we’re committed to seeing you achieve results and find resolve.    

DGI - walking group