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Dawn Y. Graber

Senior Consultant

Dawn Y. Graber is a certified Advanced Process Consultant with experience in education, nursing, and religious leadership. Graber serves both educational and organizational communities and has a special interest in helping leaders in all settings unleash their effectiveness and to do so with joy! She will help you lead your organization with greater success through building greater understanding and strengthening executives, teams and board members for deeper effectiveness in living out their mission. She brings skills in both providing for and helping organizations practice both gender and racial equity and respect of all shareholders.


Dawn is a passionate guide in helping faith based organizations and schools infuse their beliefs into authentic expressions in all areas of ministry. Her educational understanding can empower school heads and teacher leaders to plan for greater student outcomes with educational success through strategic planning, grading and assessment, reading and writing initiatives, curriculum development, intercultural competencies, and accreditation planning.


Colleagues and others who know and have worked with Dawn speak of her passion, professionalism, work-ethic, and ability to produce meaningful results:

“Dawn knows how to identify a problem/need and implement a solution.”  

She is successful because, although she sets high standards, she leads with empathy and always a caring, encouraging word.”  

“She is not afraid of hard work.”  

“Dawn is an excellent brainstormer and she has the ability to focus on a workable solution and create a product.”  

“Dawn Graber speaks with passion and with precision.”  

“She is always well-prepared and delivers instruction that is engaging as well as memorable.”  

“She will succeed for you because of her insatiable curiosity, hunger for learning, love of researching, and willingness to work hard.”


Contact Dawn to explore what we can do together to unleash your organization’s full potential. Together we can help your growth be with joy! She is committed to Design Group’s core values of listening, helping, and learning together for your success.