Zimmerly Jantzi

Process Consultant
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About Jeanne Zimmerly Jantzi - Process Consultant 

Jeanne Zimmerly Jantzi has been consulting with others for 29 years in leadership roles in DR Congo, Nigeria, Indonesia and across Southeast Asia, and in US based settings. As a Senior Process Consultant, Jeanne works with groups on strategic planning, supports organizational leaders and their teams, helps new non-profits with policies, systems, and board development, and works with organizations to plan and implement processes for high participation engagement. She brings strong intercultural competency and has deep faith and anti-oppression values. She is a certified Advanced Process Consultant with the Society for Process Consulting and an SHRM Senior Certified Professional.  

Jeanne At Van Lunen

Jeanne wrote, “Committed and passionate leaders and organizations inspire me. They believe deeply in their WHY – their enduring purpose as a nonprofit, school, business, or congregation. They continually encounter new opportunities and challenges. They are leading because it matters. Their “it” is their enduring purpose that matters deeply to them.  My work is complete when leaders, together with their organizations, embrace reflection, curiosity, clarity, collaboration, imagination, and participation to build genuine ownership and to create forward movement towards a vibrant future. I am a process consultant because I believe in supporting the wise, empathetic, passionate and effective power of leadership to bring transformation.”  

If your vision inspires you to work towards adaptive change and organizational transformation, Jeanne is ready to walk alongside you. She helps leaders and organizations clarify, collaborate, and facilitate change by listening and working together to design a path forward. Together, you will create an agreement to plan and implement a process that moves you towards your goals. Jeanne works with nonprofits, schools, businesses, and congregations.  Her specific areas of focus are strategic planning, leadership coaching, intercultural connection, nonprofit development, and stakeholder engagement. 




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