Meet Eric H. Doss

Eric H. Doss

Hi, I'm Eric!

Eric works with small and medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations to assess and improve organizational health. Drawing on nearly two decades of experience working with organizations of all types, Eric developed the Healthy Organizations Model to help increase resilience and help organizations prepare for an uncertain future.

Eric is a trusted teacher and trainer, with experience in academia and corporate development. He translates complex concepts into accessible lessons and understands how to turn large obstacles into achievable steps. 

Eric attended Gonzaga University, completing a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, with a focus in Servant Leadership. He also received a BA in History from The Citadel, and a MA in History from Clemson University.

Healthy Organizations Model

Unlike other assessments of Organizational Health, the Healthy Organizations Model explores and improves organizational health at all levels of the organization, beginning with the individual. 

Here's a simple overview.


  • Individuals are welcomed, included, and allowed to challenge the status quo
  • Teams build understanding and trust through care and learning
  • Leaders are connected to their employee's reality
  • Systems are responsive, resilient, and able to face uncertainty

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