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Process Consulting


One of my specialties is to provide executive leadership coaching to a team leader who is guiding or driving an organizational change process. A process coach may also work with others on a team from time to time to maintain their trust but mostly works with the process or the team leader. In these situations, coaching focuses on dynamics occurring during the process; the process leader benefits from having someone to discuss these dynamics with a “balcony” view, so they can go back down to the field level with a new or renewed perspective greater understanding of the whole.

One-on-One Executive Leadership Coaching

One-on-One Executive
Leadership Coaching

Here are some of the reasons you or your team might look to have a leadership coach:

  1. Developing or deepening your capacity in a specific area of leadership
  2. A role change requiring new skills and capabilities
  3. Providing a season of perspective during or following a particularly demanding process or challenging period of time.
Some leaders have hired me for several years, others for as short as six months. We can discuss this by phone, Zoom video, or email to assess your interests and goals for a coaching relationship and successful approach customized to help you thrive in your work setting.

Leadership Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Many leadership teams benefit from hiring a coach. This may be as simple as hiring a coach to serve in a facilitating role for an off-site leadership retreat or as complicated as hiring a coach to help a leadership team build more trust to address challenges the team is facing over a period of months or years. The role of the coach may vary from situation to situation but is always made clear at the outset.

"Phil’s leadership coaching proved to be very beneficial to our team. His work was characterized with integrity and insight."

Jon C. Wiebe | President & CEO | MB Foundation

What Makes My Coaching Effective?

My clients have consistently shared with me that I do a number of things to help them succeed.

A short summary of what past and current clients say about my coaching is that I am “real,” that is, I am fully present with them and say things that need to be said. I give authentic feedback constructively and candidly. I ask questions based not only on best practice, but also out of my innate curiosity, which frequently surfaces insights within the client that they often refer to as my wise questions—yet I believe it says more about their wisdom and discovery that simply needed prompting in order to emerge.

Further, I appreciate diversity among those I coach. Each leader has a unique perspective, background, experience, and learning style. My approach to the services I provide is to learn and recognize these differences, and design the most effective approach in conversation with my client.

Getting Outdoors

When the conditions are right, I have coaching people on the Susquehanna River in partnership with Shanks Mare Outfitters in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. As a long-time outdoorsman with avid interest in three R’s—rivers, raptors (birds of prey), and reading; I’ve noticed the influence on learning when it happens in settings that get us out of our comfort zone. There is arguably no more dynamic setting to promote growth and learning and personal development than outdoors. This is especially true when a leader is willing to be put into a new or unusual experience that stretches them both physically and intellectually. If this possibility—on the river or other outdoor setting—piques your or your team’s interest, get in touch with me and we can explore options.

Who I Work With

Those I work with most successfully include leaders who are:

  • Willing to be authentic, appropriately vulnerable, and willing to tell the truth—both to me and to themselves.
  • Ready to grow and open to change.
  • Willing to commit to a successful coaching relationship.

Types of People & Organizations I Serve

With a background and decade in a three-generation family business (electrical contracting and appliance sales), a career as an executive in a 300-year-old religious non-profit, and the past 15 years coaching and consulting with business and non-profit organizations; the primary point of overlap is that I have worked with leaders of all kinds, and can help with all types of leadership contexts.

As affiliated faculty with the University of Pennsylvania’s Organizational Dynamics program and several other teaching settings keeps me in touch with current leadership writing and thinking—something that allows me to consistently connect my clients with timely and meaningful resources.

Coaching Local & Around the World

Although I live in Lancaster, an outlying county and city in metro Philadelphia, I have a long history of working with clients across North America and on several other continents. Most coaching can be done by Zoom video, although I enjoy meeting clients in person when possible.

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