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Philip C. Bergey

My vocational calling as an executive and leadership development coach is to partner with leaders who want to transform themselves and the organizations they lead, with the help of customized learning strategies.

I have always been interested in helping other people become more successful, and I’m naturally curious about people and what helps them thrive. In addition to C-suite executives and business owners/leaders, I love working with aspiring leaders of all ages, as well as those who are moving into new roles of increased leadership responsibility.

Many thanks to the following leaders who were kind enough to find time to leave a recommendation.

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"Phil Bergey’s work fundamentally changed our understanding of our team and the way we approach our work. As a result we are far better equipped to consistently deliver on our firm’s mission."

Stephen B. Wert | Managing Partner | Norris Perne’ & French LLP

"Phil’s leadership coaching proved to be very beneficial to our team. His work was characterized with integrity and insight. He was willing to lean into some sensitive areas for the benefit of the organization and the one coached."

Jon C. Wiebe | President & CEO | MB Foundation

"USA Swimming hired Phil Bergey and Design Group International to facilitate a review of the mid-level structure and governance of our national organization. We found Phil, and his associate Mark Vincent, to be very responsive, perceptive, and insightful as well as extremely professional. They led our task force through a process that gathered data from key stakeholders, evaluated that information, considered different levels of potential change, and provided a set of recommendations to address current and future needs. I have the utmost respect for Phil and Mark and the Design Group International team."

Pat Hogan | Club Development Managing Director | USA Swimming

"Phil Bergey is an outstanding consultant and continual seeker of wisdom and innovation. I’ve worked with Phil where he was a one-on-one Executive Coach and on a task force where he advised a complex and highly entrenched associational system. In both cases, Phil was personable, knowledgeable and effective. He is well supported in his craft by the resources of DGI. I’m grateful to have him as someone to whom I can refer colleagues and organizations without hesitation, and with great confidence in the outcomes of his work."

Dr. Todd A. Adams | President | Pension Fund of the Christian Church and Governance Committee Member for USA Swimming

"For three years Phil Bergey walked alongside as our process coach and consultant in our organizational change process to a policy governance model for our board. He has guided us steadily and in a way that empowered and honored key leaders in the midst of our learning and times of uncertainty! The process is as important to Phil as the end goal, and he is always keeping an eye out for the best “what next,” even if it means a change of plans."

Rev. Susan F. Wonderland | Synod Executive | Synod of the Trinity, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

"Phil has a deep understanding of how systems work and what is needed to bring change. He brings his strong intellect and well-developed emotional intelligence into any situation, whether it is working with a group or coaching an executive.

Phil’s natural gifts for leading, teaching, and coaching are matched by the expertise he has developed in group dynamics and what is required to help teams get to their best outcomes. He is focused, clear and offers ways for individuals and groups to learn and grow.

Phil is one of the best consultant coaches I have worked with. He is able to quickly read what is needed and is then flexible and knowledgeable in helping a group frame steps to get to outcomes. He brings his strong intellectual grounding in theory, and a well-established body of practice to make significant differences with the leaders and teams he coaches. He has a keen eye for where the gaps are and can lead challenging and fruitful conversations about how to move towards new outcomes.

Two words describe my experience with Phil’s coaching and consulting: results and relationships. He is a wide-ranging thinker who can quickly grasp the outlines of any situation and what is needed to understand a system, and then he builds strong relationships that can sustain the challenging work of change and growth. He is able to attend to both results and relationships with humor, flexibility, intelligence, and a laser focus on what matters."

Dr. Laurie J. Ferguson | Coach and Consultant

"Our church used Phil Bergey in a number of different ways: guiding us through strategic planning, leading officer retreats, staff retreats, helping to re-invent our entire outreach program, and coaching for several different staff members, including me as the head of staff. Our personnel committee initially agreed to hire Phil to provide executive coaching for me as Head of Staff for one year. It was a time of much transition, and Phil was the ideal person to bounce ideas off of and use as a sounding board. One thing I deeply appreciated about Phil was the way he never provided set answers but enabled me to find my way forward with confidence. I thought that after 35 years in the ministry, I had the answers, but I found that in many ways, ministry has actually gotten harder, and I am grateful I had the opportunity to work with him.

After one year, the personnel committee was so pleased with the results that we “re-upped” for another year in which Phil and I went deeper as I navigated some perilous waters, especially one particularly thorny personnel issue. He was not legalistic at all about our time together, and on several occasions, we were able to connect between previously agreed-upon phone calls.

To put it simply, Phil knows his stuff…theology, the church, technical versus adaptive challenges, systems, institutional change, and more, and he helped me lay the groundwork for my remaining years in ministry. I am grateful."

Rev. Dr. Steve Montgomery | Head of Staff | Idlewild Presbyterian Church

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