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Philip C. Bergey

My passion is to work with leaders who want to grow by developing leadership skills. Whether you ever hire me or not, the world will be a better place if people who visit my website can increase their leadership capacity by the resources I provide.

To assist in my passion for developing more leaders, here is a shortlist of books I frequently recommend for leaders interested in reading about growing their leadership capacity. I add to the list and add other resources over time.

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"Two words describe my experience with Phil’s coaching and consulting: results and relationships. He is a wide-ranging thinker who can quickly grasp the outlines of any situation and what is needed to understand a system, and then he builds strong relationships that can sustain the challenging work of change and growth. He is able to attend to both results and relationships with humor, flexibility, intelligence, and a laser focus on what matters."

Dr. Laurie J. Ferguson | Coach and Consultant

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