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Mark L. Vincent, Ph.D., CCNL

CEO/Senior Design Partner

Forward-Thinking Realized.

I love this organizational development company.

My personal involvement in walking beside leaders and organizations as they build for tomorrow comes from thirty years of business planning, revitalizing organizations, leading complex decision making scenarios and bringing thought leadership to the intersections where enterprise, values and economics meet. In addition, out of a long-time battle with cancer my wife has faced, we've been put in the position of asking and answering an important question, if there was just one thing we could give our lives to, what would that be? Our answer is to love leaders into claiming their vocation as stewards of themselves and the organizations they serve.

Because I love helping leaders and organizations increase their capacity, my time is devoted to developing and guiding teams of first-rate leaders:

convene_logo1. Convene a team of non-competing CEO's and Business Owners forcused on improving personal and business performance while holding to eternal perspective. Click here for a video introduction to Convene.

Leader2Leader2. Leader2Leader, a monthly gathering of Executive Directors and CEO's of nonprofits and ministry organizations committed to making their organization aim higher.

design-group-international-logo3. Design Group International, a vocational home for organizational development consultants committed to process, meeting client-driven objectives, letting their knowledge leak and being the best in their field.

Click HERE to get a free copy of the e-book The Selfless Leader from Kingdom Life Publishing. I contributed the chapter on The Self-Aware Leader.

Click HERE for a recent video for business leaders and their marriages.