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Blog: The Organizational Development Muse

Mark L. Vincent, Ph.D., CCNL

Founder/Senior Design Partner

Mark L. Vincent, PhD CCNL  EPC,  Founder of Design Group International, fosters:

  • Development of Company Owners/Executives and the organizations they are building
  • Process Design for Adaptive Change
  • Development of the Field of Process Consultation

Mark's accumulated experience includes more than thirty years pioneering a variety of approaches to leadership and organizational capacity-building, entrepreneurship, interim executive leadership, and professional development and credentialing. His focus on helping organizations and leaders achieve their objectives has led to successful adaptive change initiatives with more than 600 clients in varied domestic and international marketplaces. In 2001 he created Design Group International, a Community of Practice for Process Consultants, now flourishing under the leadership of CEO Lon Swartzentruber.

Dr. Vincent’s academic work included research into complex decision making as well as economic strategy for associational systems (e.g. franchises, professional associations, denominations). He has written and presented extensively on stewardship and steward leader theology and practice, serving as the Founding Editor for Giving Magazine and writing several related books, most notably A Christian View of Money. Mark’s wife Lorie, prior to her death at the end of a sixteen-year journey with leiomyosarcoma,  joined him in writing the book Fighting Disease, Not Death: Finding a Way Through Lifelong Struggle.

Mark founded the Eastern Wisconsin Convene Team in 2013, a best practices peer-based advising team for company owners and CEOs, with companies ranging from $1 to $450 million. He also guides the growing consulting network for Convene. In 2017, he was instrumental in the launching the Society for Process Consulting, and he teaches an introductory course for those seeking a professional credential in this field. He serves on the boards of Cox Family Holdings, Petersen Products, and the Steward’s Journey and sits on the Standards and Ethics Committee for the Society for Process Consulting.

Mark resides in Wisconsin and can often be found drinking coffee in Boise, Idaho. 

His blog contributions can be found at:


Higher Thinking

Organizational Development Muse


Click HERE to get a free copy of the e-book The Selfless Leader from Kingdom Life Publishing. Mark contributed the chapter on The Self-Aware Leader.



I have had the blessing of Mark as a Convene Facilitator and Coach for 3 ½ years. He has been the catalyst to growth in many aspect of my professional and personal life that no value could ever be placed on. He is always fully present, highly impact, and able to dynamically adjust to the needs of situation like nobody I have ever met. - Dave Smith, CEO/Owner Kusel Equipment

As an executive coach, Mark is brilliant at identifying the core issues that are impacting a leader and working with leaders to find the right solution. Don't expect pat, trite, or easy answers from Mark. Expect a thinking partner who cares deeply about your success and lasting change. - Kay Edwards, CEO/President Outsight Network

Mark has the ability to be present for others and that makes him very effective in helping one focus on and address the challenge before them. - Marty Wolf, CEO/Owner Spectrum Contracting

We discuss difficult, challenging, and sensitive topics in an open and honest environment. He has a remarkable ability at facilitating this discussions. I have found Mark to be wise, professional, organized, godly, and full of integrity. - Lance Morgan, COO Neurotech

Mark is one of the most generous and thoughtful individuals I know. He integrates his deep business and spiritual knowledge and applies that to the interactions with his constituents. He is a rare gem. - Karen Hung, Founder and CEO Silver Rock Consulting

Mark is an exceptional Executive Coach. He is a fantastic listener and excels at asking the right questions that result in a deeper dive into issues. In the short time we've worked together, Mark has taken the time to get to know me, my style and our business. He has provided executive, strategic counsel on a variety of topics that has allowed me to evaluate, approach and take action on situations differently than I may have done in the past. As a facilitator, Mark does a great job of leading the group and allowing space for us to have in-depth conversations. - Kip Ritchie, President Greenfire Management Services 

As I lead a dynamic and growing technology organization it is incumbent on me to keep growing personally.  The coaching relationship I have with Mark helps me meet this objective.  Mark is a great listener and has an innate ability to ask the right questions to help me to see critical things that are not yet visible to me.  Mark challenges me to grow and in a kind and respectful way holds me accountable to my plans.  My life is blessed with some great partnerships and Mark certainly is on the top tier of that list.           - Mike Tenpas, President & CEO, UFS

Mark brings a powerful blend of wisdom from years of process leadership, academic study, business and ministry consulting and leadership and personal journey through mountain tops and valleys. He channels these gifts through his warm, humble servant leader's heart to bless the people and organizations he serves. This is a rare treasure.  - Ben Mott, Executive Director, Green Lake Conference Center