Unlock the 5 Fundamental Questions

Lon L. Swartzentruber


Join Lon L. Swartzentruber, CEO and Managing Partner, for an interactive workshop on the 5 Fundamental Questions that will help you organization unlock your organization's strategic future. 

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21 February 2023, 1 - 2 pm EST
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What can you expect?

  • Grasp how your organization's purpose ties to its vision for the future 
  • See how your organization's core behaviors impact its future
  • Identify questions that help you craft a vision for the future
  • Visualize what will propel and impede your progress 
  • Identify a planning process to help you get there

What people are saying

The listening, helping, learning approach didn't tell us what to do, they didn't drop a list of recommendations on my desk.

Lon helped us get to where we could come up with our own answers and make our own decisions.

- Jason Meyer, CEO, Blandford Nature Center, Retired

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