Women in Leadership Rise

Make 2024 the year to unleash your transforming influence!

Dawn Y. Graber, Process Consultant, Emotional Intelligence MYgrow Champion,  and PQ® executive coach of Design Group International, invites you, as a woman in leadership, to join WILrise. WILrise is a women's leadership cohort committed to women learning how to identify and respond effectively to today’s gender bias realities that attempt to decrease women’s transforming influence in the workplace. Through the learning, resourcing, and relationships you build in this 6-month cohort, you will be challenged to further unleash your leadership skills and become a more confident leader, first and foremost for yourself, and to further your transforming influence with your team, colleagues, and clients.

Why Should I Join the Cohort?

Your women’s leadership cohort experience will include monthly virtual cohort gatherings. In these gatherings, you will learn specific gender bias realities,  how to identify the status of these biases in your lived experience, and how to adopt strategies to tackle real-time biases in the workplace. You will gain personalized guidance and resources, including the PQ®mental fitness program, and receive actionable women’s leadership anti-bias tools through short input sessions by Dawn. Our work together will fortify you to be able to show up utilizing your full giftedness, particularly amidst the realities of gender bias. Each cohort participant will also have the opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching each month with Dawn to help you reach your individual leadership goals and overcome personal leadership challenges.

Tools & Resources To Lead As A Woman  Leader

As an educator, consultant, and coach, Dawn loves to equip and strengthen women leaders.  Learning to first see and identify current gender bias is paramount to unleashing a woman leader’s full transforming influence. Dawn has had real experience with the gender realities that continue differently for most women in the workplace. The outcomes of gender bias cause additional stress for women leaders and often have us showing up more tenuous and less confident than is helpful in our positions. Each woman cohort participant will identify current gender bias realities and self-limiting beliefs for themselves, and be stretched to commit to corresponding action steps to live more fully into each woman leader’s unique potential.

Individualized Monthly Leadership Coaching

Monthly one-on-one leadership coaching sessions with Dawn are thought-provoking creative conversations that inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential as a leader and as a woman. You will be propelled to solve any roadblocks in your leadership as together we use the discerned knowledge of your gender-biased realities and limiting beliefs. Coaching will tap into the truth of your strengths and pull on strategies that work for you to unleash your full transforming influence. 

Rather than handing you answers and pre-conceived solutions,  coaching is about asking questions and providing a framework for you to identify and take your next bold and confident steps as a woman leader.

Monthly Guided Cohort Experience

In this women's leadership cohort, you can expect to learn and benefit from the experience of your peers: other woman leaders who understand the joys and challenges you face in your role. As you gather with women leaders from other geographic regions and occupations, you'll experience the rich creative potential of a confidential and safe setting in which to gain communal wisdom and support.

"Being a woman in business doesn't come without challenges. My advice? Surround yourself with other supportive women that encourage you, share ideas, and get you motivated."

- Jessica Alba

Be equipped to unleash your transforming power in a gendered-biased reality.

To lead effectively as a woman, you need to first understand today's gender realities and biases that impede your full expression of leadership. Next, we'll learn strategies to counter limiting behaviors and beliefs. All in a supportive confidential setting where women support women.

The men in our work and lives need to understand gender bias realities and how to be an effective ally and partner in leadership. Contact Dawn for a mixed-gender team or men-only training on this important skill of improving all genders unleashed to use their transforming influence fully.

  • Understanding gendered leadership stereotypes, the realities that harm and help, and what's possible and best.

  • Identifying how we personally have been acculturated as a woman.

  • Sorting through gender diversity & power gaps.

  • Bringing light to women's life stages biases (childbearing, parenting, senior).

  • Diving into advancement in roles as a woman and how to navigate.

  • Tackling key skill sets such as confidence, communication, nurturing, and decision-making.

  • Articulating why women are awesome leaders.

1 in 4

senior leadership women are in the C-Suite

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💲 Cost

  • All Inclusive: $4950 (10% Team Discount Available for 5+ people)
  • Cohort Only: $3000
  • Coaching Only: $2400

✔️  What's Included?

  • 6 Cohort Collaborative Learning Sessions
  • 6 Individual Hour-Long Coaching Sessions
  • Personal Access to Dawn Graber as needed for laser 15-minute sessions


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Women earn


of what men earn

Burnout levels are


higher for women leaders than for men leaders.

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Your Cohort Guide

Dawn Y. Graber enjoys partnering with women leaders to lead skilled and confidently in a challenging and polarizing environment. She does this by helping women leaders identify their self-limiting behaviors, understand today’s challenges for women in leadership, and by helping women leaders develop and utilize tools for success while integrating their core values and strengths. Dawn holds a MAEd in Education, is a PQ® coach specializing in developing mental fitness, an Associated Certified Coach credentialed through the International Coaching Federation, holds an Associate Process Consultant status through the Society for Process Consulting, and is certified in Women in Leadership from Cornell University. Dawn is proud to be a Community of Practice Senior Consultant with Design Group International.

"Dawn provided an excellent training session for our attendees. Her presentation offered valuable content, practical application opportunities, and engaging elements that everyone enjoyed. She is a knowledgeable professional who brings a wealth of experience in leadership and executive coaching, and her enthusiasm for developing leaders is an asset to those trains and coaches. We were delighted to have Dawn share with our group!"
- Training Committee, Junior League of Sarasota

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