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A mission project form letter (I am happy to offer this service)

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

In anticipation of a new rash of these letters, we repost one of our favorites originally published in 2010.


Each spring Lorie and I receive about thirty requests to help people we know with their missions trip or service project by making a contribution. We give to one or two each year, usually because we believe in a young person’s potential and want to assist their formative experiences.

But each spring we also marvel at the inefficiency of these projects, the cultural mis-assumptions they perpetuate, how much they seem like mere tourism, and whether there is any real religious or humanitarian benefit. Not that we are opposed to people traveling and gaining experience. We would, however, support a better way should one emerge.

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Principles for reasoned conversation. Can such an organizational leader be found?

Posted by Mark L. Vincent

There seems no escape from the deep divides between urban/rural, republican/democrat, left/right and the radically different orientations they take with further fracturing issues such as immigration, gender identity, public education, and health care. Even more, the most articulate about their positions demand loyalty, supress reasoned discourse, discourage further learning and expect any additional evidence to support their pre-determined positions.

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