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An organizational leader's sphere of influence: further up and further back

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Mar 5, 2015 8:28:52 AM

A recent interaction with some executive leadership students thinking with me in sessions I'm privileged to facilitate with Christian Leadership Alliance provoked the following thoughts:

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Topics: process consulting, organizational development consulting, executive coaching, executive leadership, Mark L. Vincent, Design Group International, steward leadership, organizational decision making, long term decision making

The Art of Agreement: Making Long-Term Decisions

Posted by Mark L. Vincent on Jul 2, 2014 6:30:00 AM

Decisions always have long and short-term impacts. Short-term effects can easily be addressed, adjusted or rescinded. Long-term not so easily. And not paying attention to them means they stack up and create signficant drag on productivity and organizational culture. Sustained inattention to long-term impacts leads to crisis and the need for intervention, and sometimes even legal proceedings!

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Topics: process design, process consulting, discernmentarian, the art of agreement, organizational development consulting, Mark L. Vincent, Design Group International, long term decision making

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