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Your Good News: Buggy whips or Steering wheels?

Posted by Arlen Vernava on January 17, 2012

I drive a car with 225,000 miles under the hood and Mazda’s bones are feeling achy.  Here’s my conundrum.  Mazda:  faithful, dependable, (hasn’t missed a day since we met in 1997 except for regular maintenance), economical, safe and in it’s younger days, energetically fun.  Sadly, Mazda has less and less “get up and go,” blah curb appeal, noisy, and likes to drive in it’s own ruts (so to speak).  New tires, windshield wipers and a tune up?  Necessary, but they do not make for a 21st century Mazda.  My biggest fear?  One morning Mazda will start, then stop for the last time and I’ll have no sensible transportation plan.  What to do?  What to do?!  

If you are a leader in a congregation or organization with 225,000 miles on her, you have exclaimed:  What to do?  What to do?!  Memories, experiences, relationships.  Success, defeat, ecstatic joy, knee buckling sorrow.  You have been around the block with people and a “product” that matters to you.  New copy machine, steam-cleaned carpets and a revamped training program?  Necessary, but regular maintenance may not make for a vitally relevant “now.” And though “decline” often measures in decades, not years (for long established congregations and organizations), that day will arrive.  What to do?!  Consider...

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Topics: business, faith-based community