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Posted by Kim Stezala on May 22, 2019

I am often asked, "How do you become a consultant?" or "How do you stay in business?" I am happy to report that two members of the Design Group International community are sharing their wisdom, and holding space and time for small learn together about process consulting. Two online courses will be offered in June through the Society for Process Consulting for people who:

1. Are curious about process consulting or want to launch their own process consulting business and need guidance and direction. "Process Consulting Training 101" taught by our founder, Dr. Mark L. Vincent provides direction and advice in this highly personalized course with a maximum of 5 students.

MLV fullsizeoutput_bb9-1Your takeaway will be business plan specifically for you and a Certified Process Consultant credential. Starts 21 June, online. Learn more here about the syllabus which will be condensed to a 6-week format. Contact Dr. Vincent directly to enroll:

2. Are curious, or even nervous, about being culturally competent
 in an increasingly diversified world. Join a safe space in the advanced level "Building Capacity for Cultural Congruence 201" specifically for consultants wSandra Quick photo Aug 2017-1-1ho often navigate across a variety of businesses or organizations. As our facilitator Sandra H. Quick says, "Have you ever wanted to reach across the aisle, but you were unsure whose hand was safe to shake? This Experience Based Learning is intended to catapult the consultant from the SUCCESS of cultural competence to the SIGNIFICANCE of cultural congruence in their consulting practice.

This course qualifies for Advanced Process Consultant status for those who have already taken 101, or participants can add this to their portfolio for future credentialing. Starts 5 June. Online for 9 weeks. 
Learn more here - you can register at this link. You can contact Ms. Quick personally for details:

As the power of process consulting continues to grow, this is just one way that Design Group International is leading the way to help more people, teams and organizations transform for a vibrant future!

-Kim Stezala, CEO, Society for Process Consulting and Senior Partner, Design Group International.


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