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Curiosity in Change Leads to Openness, Wonder and Possibility

Courage in Change

You Can Care!

Three Behaviors Necessary for Change

Act first or think first? Which is you? Which is your organization?

Process Consulting

Authentic Advancement

Comprehensive Capital Campaigns

Transformative Strategic Planning

Leadership Transition and Succession Planning

Executive Leadership Coaching

Sharpen your skills. Build your business.

How Your CFO (and Other Leaders) Can Build and Strengthen Authentic Donor Relationships

Misunderstood = Opportunity

The Surprising and Powerful Role Volunteers Play in Building Authentic Donor Relationships

We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two.

Jack Bogle - a long-sighted examplar


Rethinking a Board Member's Role in Building Authentic Donor Relationships

Frame, then shhhh.

Design Group International Announces New CEO

Do you have 5 years of patience?

Free-Solo for Higher Education

Tool Time

Process vs Product revisited

5 Don'ts for Donor Relationship Building This Year-End (And What To Do Instead)

CEO to Founder: Discovering Your Path to a Successful Executive Transition

A simpler path to innovation

What is Process Consulting?

Culture Eats Strategy

Considering Courageous Leadership

Seasons of Change

How Process Consulting Can Contribute to Capital Campaign Success

A Process Consulting Approach to Strategic Planning

Understanding Process Consulting

Culture Eats Strategy

New Credential: ICF Associate Certified Coach

Three Ways to Sustain Donor Relationships

Management/Leadership Distinction

The Secret to Developing Donor Relationships



Initiating Authentic Donor Relationships

Developing Authentic Donor Relationships Takes Time and Effort

A new and better builder generation?

Why be a part of something greater?

One-page planning

Rut or Groove? a simple image for organizational and leadership development

When the Executive Leader comes into their own

Vocation: Imperfectly Lived but Perfectly Sought

Nothing New: Adaptive Organizational Change!

Songgaar & Burungaar: Tuvan wisdom for interim time

All life lives off-balance - I've got you … hooray!

Sounds Like Transition Work?

Feeling provoked (in a good way)? Hope so!

Your Good News: Buggy whips or Steering wheels?

Just My Type: The Vision Thing

Confusion #1 infecting executives of nonprofit organizations

"On the first day of Christmas, my Intentional Interim gave to me..."

Give and you shall receive? Yes to generosity & sacrifice!

Unity with diversity? Absolutely!

The Magnificently Difficult: It Must Be Interim Time!

Self-differentiationed leaders and organizations - always needful!

Exercise Leadership!

Generous Hospitality - Yes!

Intentional Interim time!

Are you and your organization weary, feeling spirit-less?

If your Organization were an epic story...

Curiosity and questioning: "What's that about?"

Becoming discernmentarian starts with faithful conversation